Saturday, April 29, 2017

Miss Universe Croatia 2017 Crowned

Shaenelle Petty (19) was crowned Miss Universe Croatia 2017 last night. She stands 1.85m tall and will represent Croatia at Miss Universe 2017. The first runner-up was Elena Jung and the second runner-up was Marijana Josipovic. The top 5 were completed by Ivana Kardum and Tea Matkovic.

A very different choice for Croatia. I can see the potential, but she's very raw and needs lots of work. 

If I were a judge: Binibining Pilipinas 2017

It's that time of the year again - the Philippines will select a group of new queens who will carry the hopes of a nation on their shoulders as they compete at 6 international pageants. Forty young women have been selected, but only 6 will be crowned to represent their country abroad. Who will come out on top at Binibining Pilipinas 2017? If I were a judge:

Bb Pilipinas Universe 2017: Maria Angelica de Leon (Bb15) 

Bb Pilipinas International 2017: Jehza Mae Huelar (Bb 10) 

Bb Pilipinas Grand International 2017: Charmaine Elima (Bb 32) 

Bb Pilipinas Supranational 2017: Katarina Rodriguez (Bb 31) 

Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2017: Angelique de Leon (Bb 12) 

Bb Pilipinas Globe 2017: Mae Liezel Ramos (Bb 30) 

1st runner-up: Sirene Sutton (Bb 13) 

2nd runner-up: Jamaica Ambal (Bb 21) 

TOP 10
9th place: Chanel Olive Thomas (Bb 22) 

10th place: Rachel Peters (Bb 19) 

TOP 15 
11th place: Dindi Joy Pajares (Bb 24) 

12th place: Raffa Nava (Bb 26) 

13th place: Nelda Ibe (Bb 18) 

14th place: Gabriela Patricia Ortega (Bb 34) 

15th place: Maria Camille Manalo (Bb 17) 

Dane Felisse Marasigan (Bb 1) 
Photos courtesy of Bb Pilipinas (Official) Facebook Page 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

If I were a judge: Miss Slovensko 2017 (Miss World Slovakia)

Twelve of the loveliest ladies in Slovakia are vying for the chance to become the next Miss Slovakia. The winner of Miss Slovensko 2017 will represent Slovakia at the 67th Miss World Pageant in China in December. The runner-up will travel to Japan to compete at Miss International 2017. Who will be Miss Slovensko 2017? If I were a judge:

Miss Slovensko 2017: Petra Varaliova 

1st runner-up: Hanka Zavodna 

2nd runner-up: Gabriela Zemancikova 

3rd runner-up: Michaela Cmarkova 

4th runner-up: Katarina Kovacicova 

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Croatia 2017

Eighteen young women will compete for the 2017 Miss Universe Croatia title on April 28th. The winner will represent her country at the 66th Miss Universe Pageant. Who will be the next Miss Universe Croatia? If I were a judge:

Miss Universe Croatia 2017: Elena Jung 

1st runner-up: Magdalena Brkic 

2nd runner-up: Mateja Martinovic 

3rd runner-up: Shanaelle Petty 

4th runner-up: Tea Matkovic 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Miss Ecuador Crowned

Daniela Cepeda (21) was recently crowned Miss Ecuador Universe 2017. She stands 1.73m tall and will represent Ecuador at the next Miss Universe Pageant. The first runner-up was Jocelyn Miele (22 years, 1.75m) and she will represent Ecuador at Miss International 2017 in Japan. Maria Jose Villacis was named the second runner-up. She is 22 years old, 1.73m tall and will represent Ecuador at Miss Supranational 2017 The third runner-up, Dayanara Peralta, who was a hot favorite to win the crown earned the right to represent her country at the Miss Grand International 2017 Pageant in Vietnam. After the competition, she relinquished her chance to compete at this pageant as she is a well-known singer and actress in Ecuador and wants to focus on her career. The fourth runner-up was Rosa Torres and the fifth runner-up was Nicole Hidalgo.

Not jumping for joy! 

Miss Indonesia 2017 Crowned

Miss NTB, Achintya Holte Nilsen, was crowned Miss Indonesia 2017 by the outgoing Miss Indonesia and Miss World 2016, Stephanie Del Valle, at the conclusion of a glittering event in Jakarta. The new Miss Indonesia stands 1.76m tall and is 18 years old. She will represent Indonesia at the 67th Miss World final in China later this year.

The first runner-up was Miss Bengkulu, Astrini Putri, and the second runner-up was Miss Sulawesi Utara, Ivhanrel Sumerah. The top 5 were completed by the delegates from Jawa Tengah (Dinda Ayu Saraswati) and DI Yogyakarta (Anja Litani Ariella).

I find her totally plain in these photos, but I guess she can be transformed... Stephanie looked amazing though!