Wednesday, July 1, 2015

If I were a judge: Miss Austria 2015

Miss Austria 2015 will be crowned on July 2. The winner will represent Austria at Miss World 2015 and the next Miss Universe Pageant... if there ever is one again. 18 delegates are competing for the title. Who will be the next Miss Austria? If I were a judge:

Miss Austria 2015: Annika Grill

1st runner-up: Victoria Orehounig

2nd runner-up: Franziska Sumberaz

3rd runner-up: Cornelia Stangl

4th runner-up: Ricarda Stengg


Olivera Tosic

Suzana Marceta
Photos: Miss Austria Corporation

Miss U.S. Supranational 2015

Kelly Kirstey (26) who represented Michigan was named the winner of Miss U.S. Supranational 2015 recently. She will represent the USA at Miss Supranational 2015 later this year.
She's quite striking!

Miss U.S. International 2015

24 year old Lindsay Becker who represented Minnesota has been crowned Miss U.S. International 2015. She will represent the United States of America at the 2015 Miss International Pageant on November 5 in Tokyo, Japan.

 I don't think she's all that, but I think the Japanese judges might like her.

Trumps Sues Univision For US$500 Million

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Donald Trump is suing Univision for cutting ties with his Miss USA pageant after his controversial comments about immigration.

The real estate tycoon and presidential hopeful filed a $500 million suit in the New York State Supreme Court against the Spanish-language network, according to a complaint filed Tuesday and obtained by Deadline Hollywood.

Trump, 69, is suing the company for breach of contract and defamation, claiming Univision tried to "suppress [his] freedom of speech" by publicly denouncing him.

The move comes after Univision decided not to air the beauty contest, scheduled for July 12, following Trump's description of Mexican immigrants as "rapists" who are "bringing drugs" and "bringing crime" to the United States.

"Nothing that I have stated was different from what I had been saying for many years," he said in a statement posted to Instagram. "I want strong borders, and I do not support or condone illegal immigration. There is a high level of crime occurring in this country due to unchecked illegal immigration." 
NBC will also not broadcast Trump's pageants, Mexico will not send a contestant to Miss Universe and Miss USA co-host Cheryl Burke has resigned.

But Trump still plains on attending the Miss USA pageant in a few weeks.

"I want to tell these contestant that the show will go on," he said in his statement, "and I will be in Baton Rouge on July 12 to support them." 

Miss USA 2015 Pageant Limping Ahead With Livestream

The embattled Miss USA beauty pageant will be available as a live stream on July 12 now that NBC and Univision have dropped out as TV partners.

A rep for the pageant confirmed that the three-hour event will be available for viewing via The live stream is a last-ditch effort to salvage viewership of the pageant, set to take place in Baton Rouge, La.

More details of the streaming plan will be “forthcoming,” according to the rep. Pageant producers will need to recruit a new host or co-hosts after two NBC-affliated personalities, Cheryl Burke and MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, withdrew from their roles as co-host.

The drama for the Miss USA telecast began last week when Univision scrapped its planned telecast on the heels of disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants made by Donald Trump. Trump co-owns the Miss USA/Miss Universe franchise with NBC.

On Tuesday, Trump filed a $500 million lawsuit against Univision.

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New Miss World Brazil officialy takes over title

Ana Luisa Castro, Miss World Brazil 2015, who gave up her title officially crowned Catharina Choi Nunes as the "new" Miss World Brazil 2015 yesterday. Nunes will represent Brazil at Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China on December 19th.
Photos: Miss Mundo Brasil Organisation

Miss USA 2015 to go on as planned... well, kind of

Despite not having a television network to air on (and no "celebrity" hosts - Eye For Beauty Blog), the Miss USA pageant will go forward as planned on July 12.

The fate of the pageant came into question after NBC and Univision cut ties with Donald Trump for racist remarks he made during his presidential run announcement speech. Trump is part owner of company which runs both Miss Universe and Miss USA.

"We are disheartened by recent events but the show will go on," the Miss Universe organization, which runs the upcoming Miss USA pageant, said in a statement on Tuesday. "We are moving forward, full-steam ahead as planned for the next two weeks, culminating in the crowning of a new Miss USA on July 12."

The organizers had hoped the pageant could transcend Trump's racist remarks: "While world politics and other influences will undoubtedly play a role, the pageant will always seek to transcend controversy. It is unfortunate that recent events beyond our control have only served to negatively impact the women who participate in the pageant, our state directors, our sponsors and our fans. We want our supporters to know we remain committed to them and we will be conducting the pageant, regardless of the current situation."
At least one pageant contestant has spoken out against the networks' decisions not to air the pageant. Alexis Railsback, Miss Kansas, told the Kansas City Star the pageant was "taking the brunt for Donald Trump's speech," which was "really unfortunate and kind of unfair." She added Trump "does not organize the pageant, he does not run what goes on. That's a personal decision that he made to make that speech and to run for president, and I don't think it is really related to the pageant in any way, other than the fact that he is the co-owner."

The pageant could still end up on television if another network picks it up or if NBC purchases the pageant organization outright. Trump said he plans to sue Univision and possibly NBC for cutting ties with him.