Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Miss Grand International 2017: Eye For Beauty's Top 20 in Preliminary Swimsuit Competition

The Miss Grand International 2017 Preliminary Competition took place last night in at the Vinpearl Resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. The 77 young women competing for the 5th Miss Grand International title competed in swimwear and evening wear during a spectacular show. I must say that Miss Grand International is putting all the other pageants to shame this year. Let's hope the final is just as fantastic as the final. The contestants scores in these two rounds will be added to their interview scores to determine the top 20. I scored each of the delegates as they competed in swimwear and here are my top 20 in the Miss Grand International 2017 Swimsuit Competition:

20: Philippines (9.210) 

Elizabeth gave a really strong performance in this round. Barely squeezing into my top 20 is almost unimaginable but a lot of girls really impressed me.

19: Fiji (9.230) 

Nadine is much telegenic than photogenic. There is something about her that catches your attention.

18: Brazil (9.235) 

I adore Caroline. She is the sweetest girl in person and she has a catwalk to die for. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a great result for her.

17: Malaysia (9.240) 


16: England (9.250) 

Oh that face! I just love this girl!

15: Tanzania (9.255) 

Bathuli really worked it! She did Africa proud and I am rooting for her!

14: Nigeria (9.260) 

Her name might be Princess, but she worked it like a diva queen on stage last night.

13: Mexico (9.265) 

She's tall and sexy! Loved her look last night.

12: Jamaica (9.280) 

I was disappointed with her evening gown look, but you can't deny this body. She delivered in swimsuit.

11: China (9.282) 

This girl is the best representative from China that I have seen in a very long time.

10: Vietnam (9.285) 

I was so impressed by the way Miss Vietnam commanded the stage. She had tons of charisma.

9: Czech Republic (9.288) 

Czech Republic's swimsuit performance was fun and adorable. I loved it.

8: Laos (9.290) 

She looked so beautiful last night!!! Regardless of what happens, she did her country proud.

7: Australia (9.300) 

Killer body + great walk + sex appeal = #winning

6: India (9.330) 

She was a pro on stage!

5: Netherlands (9.350) 

OMG! What a body! What a face!

4: Russia (9.360) 

I was not a fan of Russia's styling last night but with that body and that strut, I had to score her high.

3: Venezuela (9.370) 

Venezuela delivered again. Great face, great body, loads of charisma.

2: Indonesia (9.380) 

Dea really impressed me last night. She has worked hard for this and it showed. Her styling was absolutely on point last night. She most certainly saved the best for last.

and our winner of the preliminary swimsuit competition... 

PERU (9.400) 

How do you spell perfection? Could it be P-E-R-U! I feel like she ran away with the competition last night.

Photos courtesy of Miss Grand International 2017! 

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