Sunday, September 3, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: Global Beauties Collaboration

Almost twenty years ago, I discovered the most amazing website called Global Beauties. I was young at the time, still in school, and a whole new world opened for me. I couldn't believe that there were actually people who loved beauty pageants as much as I did. GB became my go to site and I would spend hours absorbing every single detail that Henrique Fontes and Ed Dominguez posted. I remember refreshing the site every 5 minutes during Miss World and Miss Universe season, hoping for some new news. In plain and simple terms, I was in love with GB

Over the years I have formed a friendship with the two owners of this website and I met Henrique for the first time in real life in Sanya in 2015. It's funny because we have been friends for almost a decade. I remember being completely overwhelmed yet trying to keep my cool because he is one of my pageant heroes. He has become a very close friend and his incredible integrity, humility and loyalty are the qualities that make me look up to him even more.

After my visit to Brazil to attend the Miss and Mr Brasil CNB contest, I received a message from Henrique asking me to join the Global Beauties team. Needless to say, I was delighted... over the moon, actually. Who would have thought almost 20 years ago that one day I would be a part of GB? Who said dreams can't come true?!

I have accepted the offer and, from now on, I will be part of the Global Beauties team. The challenge is daunting, given the fact that they have such a lot of credibility in the industry. But I am ready for this challenge. Right now, I am still finding my feet, trying to learn how to produce quality work and trying to master the technology. What I definitely bring to the table is energy, enthusiasm, creativity and a deep love and burning passion for the industry. I am looking forward to working closely with the two founders of this website to go back to where it all began. I have suggested that we do a trial period because I feel that I have to prove myself.

That also means I have to rethink Eye For Beauty Blog. I have loved doing this blog and I have been touched by the kind e-mails and messages I have received over the years. I feel that I have made so many friends around the world thanks to this platform. Eye For Beauty Blog will live on though. I am not shutting it down completely. It will be hard for me to do both, but I might just keep it for my favorites for national finals etc. This happened so fast, so over the coming few weeks I will work everything out. As for now, what I would like to say is THANK YOU to all the amazing people I have met through this platform. It's been an absolute blast... but hey, this is not the last you will hear from me.

With my very best wishes to all of you!



  1. Congratulations André!!! So incredibly happy for you! Just like you've admired Global Beauties, I've loved and admired Eye for Beauty since I discovered it a few years ago. I know you'll do great things in your new role and wish you only the best. Maybe we'll meet one day to share stories of the pageants we love including Miss SA. �� Well done again and keep up the great work! ����

    1. Dear Nico, what a lovely message!!! Thank you so much for the kinds words and the support. I do visit South Africa quite a lot, so it would be lovely to meet you. I am so glad to know that you read my blog and I hope you will continue to do so! All the best to you and keep in touch! Andre :)