Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Miss World 2017: Visual Explanation of New Format

Miss World 2017 Top 40 will consist of:

* 20 head to head challenge winners
* 5 fast track winners (Sports, Top Model, Multimedia, Talent, Beauty With A Purpose)
* 15 judges picks

What will happen after that...

Find out soon at

Overall, I do think that this could bring some excitement to the buildup of the event and also highlight some countries who really get a chance to shine. My major concern is the execution of this plan. It's imperative that the head to head challenges are done really well. The voting concerns me. For example, I live in China and everything is blocked there. Also, I do worry about how this will affect the telecast. They have made some positive changes and I hope they don't go back to square 1. I really hope they keep last year's introductions and when the girl's introduction segment appears, the words 'Top 40 Finalist' or 'Head to Head Challenge Winner' could appear. Then they can only do a quick recap after the introductions. It will be way too tedious to announce 40 finalists. I think 40 is a bit too much anyway. But I'm going to keep an open mind with this one! 

Visual courtesy of Miss World Organisation! 

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