Saturday, April 8, 2017

China Officially Announced as Host Country of Miss World 2017

From Miss World's Facebook Page:

Miss World 2017 will be held in China at the end of this year!

Miss World 2017 Press Conference, April 8th 2017 at Hilton Shekou, Shenzhen:

* Contestants will arrive in China in early November. 
* The date and location of the final and the details of the city tours will be announced later but the cities will include Shenzhen, Sanya and Haikou.
* Miss World will have a new format this year which will include a greater emphasis on social media and interactivity throughout the 28 day festival.
* Miss World is also appointing New Silk Road Group (a leader in China's Fashion and Culture Industry) to operate the Miss World China Franchise. NSR will be a hosting partner for Miss World 2017 Final.
New Silk Road was the group that first discovered Zhang Zilin who went on to become China's first Miss World in 2007.
Julia Morley, Chairman and CEO of Miss World Organisation announced "I am so pleased to be coming to China to work alongside the dynamic and brilliant team of New Silk Road”, group led by their CEO David Li.

The changes to our format and presentation will take the Miss World 2017 festival to a new level. We look forward to announcing these changes in the coming weeks!
Julia Morley also expressed her great thanks to Miss World 2007 Zhang Zilin and Miss World 2012 Yu Wenxia for joining reigning Miss World Stephanie Del Valle for the announcement; "I am thrilled to see them all here today Zilin and Wenxia look the same today as the day they won their titles!"


  1. The whole world its so excited!!! No really. China....means fraud!!! Miss World its not Miss World anymore, what's the deal with China? Have anybidy notice that any pageant held in China ( big or small) China is always, ALWAYS, among the finalists!!! Not a trusted pageant .

    1. at least Miss World does not have the "Sash Factor" like Miss Universe where certain countries seem to be catered to like Venezuela, Australia, and the USA!!!

    2. Because is a cooking show!!! Don't you see what Julia does? Making countries that participate for the first time being finalist and even runner ups ( like South Sudan) even if they don't deserve to make the cut, and that way those countries keep paying the franchise. And China ALWAYS on the top!!! Next!!!