Sunday, March 19, 2017

If I were a judge: Senorita Colombia 2017

The Miss Colombia Pageant will take place on March 20th. Twenty three young women will compete for the crown. The winner will represent Colombia at the next Miss Universe Pageant will the runner-up is expected to compete at Miss International 2017. Who will be Senorita Colombia 2017? If I were a judge:

Senorita Colombia 2017: Vanessa Pulgarin, Antioquia 

1st runner-up/Virreina Nacional: Valeria Velez, Risaralda 

2nd runner-up/Primera Princesa: Leisly Becerra, Boyoca 

3rd runner-up:/Segunda Princesa: Daniella Assis, Cordoba 

4th runner-up/Tercera Princesa: Laura Gonzalez, Cartagena 

Mayra Vitoviz, Cauca 

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