Sunday, March 19, 2017

If I were a judge: Miss South Africa 2017

The Miss South Africa 2017 Pageant will take place at Sunday on March 26th. Twelve of South Africa's loveliest ladies will compete for the title. The winner of Miss South Africa will represent her country at the Miss World and Miss Universe. Who will be the next Miss South Africa? If I were a judge:

Miss South Africa 2017: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

I want the most beautiful girl to win and Demi-Leigh is the most beautiful girl this year. Period. The South African public wants a Miss SA who is gorgeous and interest will definitely start to fade if the judges do no crown the most stunning women. We need another international title holder and I do believe that should Demi-Leigh be crowned, she will be a force to be reckoned with and is the only one in the group who I feel could make the top 5 at an international pageant.

1st runner-up: Nompumelelo Mampholo 

Nompumelelo's delicate features are just gorgeous. I find her beauty exquisite. Somehow I feel that she has not been getting as much hype as she deserves, but I definitely believe that she is one of the best looking women in this batch. She could also do well at a pageant like Miss World.

2nd runner-up: Shelbe Pretorious 

I didn't quite get the Shelbe hype at first, but when I saw her in the photos, I started understanding why the fans have been raving about her. She is far more telegenic than photogenic and she is actually more well-spoken than I though. I see it now.

4th place: Iman Mkwanazi 

Iman is gorgeous, but she's also tiny. Despite the fact that I find her beautiful, I am not sure if she will do well internationally. Still, she's strong enough to be awarded a spot in the top 5.

5th place: Ade van Heerden 

Ade is a strong competitor. She is accomplished and well-spoken. She is really pushing the military doctor thing as she knows this will work to her advantage. Yes, it's a good story and the military angle is new for South Africa, but the current Miss USA also serves in the military, so at an international pageant like Miss Universe, it won't be that new. I'm expecting her to do well in the interview round though. She is a good looking women, but in terms of sheer beauty I don't find her as spectacular as some of the other women in the competition.

TOP 8 
6th place: Yuta Raubenheimer 

I think Yuta is gorgeous and I find her to be very sincere. She's coming across as a lovely human being. I am actually hoping that the judges place her in the top 5. My biggest concern is the makeover they gave her. I don't like the bangs and I feel that she needs to get rid of them.

7th place: Priyeshka Lutchman

There's something really captivating about Priyeshka. I find her beauty very appealing to be honest. She's got a great story, so I won't be surprised to see her doing well.

8th place: Shane Naidoo 

Shane is back to give this another shot. I feel that she has come back better prepared and she knows what must be done to perform well in the competition.

TOP 12 
Boipelo Mabe 

Boipelo is an accomplished and driven young women. I expect her to be really strong in intereview, but there are so many beautiful girls in this competition that she just missed my top 8.

Kayla Malherbe 

If there's a Miss Photogenic title, it should be awarded to Kayla. She's an international model and you can clearly see that from her smouldering photos. She reminds me so much of Wilma van der Bijl.

Nicole van Niekerk 

Every time I see Nicole, I am amazed by how much she looks like Amor Vittone. I think she has done really well by making the top 12.

Odirile Sepeng 

Odirile comes across as a lovely and bubbly young woman in her interviews. Her looks is more modelesque than beauty queen, but I can see why she made the top 12.

Photos courtesy of Miss South Africa


  1. Demi - Leigh is absolutely gorgeous. Hope she wins.

  2. Big shock result exspected tonight