Thursday, February 23, 2017

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Malaysia 2017

Eighteen young women from all over Malaysia are getting ready to compete for the 2017 Miss Universe Malaysia title later today. The winner of this pageant will represent Malaysia at the next Miss Universe Pageant. Who will win the crown? If I were a judge:

Miss Universe Malaysia 2017: Karshini Ghanesh 

1st runner-up: Savina Vanan 

2nd runner-up: Meagan Yip 

3rd runner-up: Samantha Katie 

4th runner-up: Ollemadthee 

5th runner-up: Tammy Singho 

Jaspreet Kaur 
Photos: Miss Universe Malaysia Official facebook page 

1 comment:

  1. my favorites are Meagan and Samantha. But one thing I love about the photos is that the ladies are dressed up looking like they are everyday ladies out in the public being normal instead of glamourous and not trying to look sexy and hot!!