Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Eye For Beauty Blog's Most Robbed Beauty of 2016: #11

Eye For Beauty Blog's Most Robbed Beauty is back. Now that all the pageant for 2016 are officially complete, it's time to pay homage to the ones who I was sad to see not place last year. Now, we all know that beauty is subjective and I must say that this year I don't have as many "misses" as in the past and I don't feel so strongly about them. I do still want to give a shout-out to a few who caught my eye during the year.

I thought she'd be a sure bet:

#11 Miss Vietnam International 2016, Pham Ngoc Phuong Linh 

She was gorgeous, she was glamorous and she was prepared. It also seemed like she was getting a lot of attention in Japan and that the organizers of Miss International really liked her. Not only did many people think, she could make the top 15, but it was generally felt that she could replicate her predecessor's top 5 placement. That's why it was baffling that Miss Vietnam was left out in the cold and a few other head scratchers sneaked in. 

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