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65th Miss Universe Review: Dominican Republic - Honduras

The 65th Miss Universe Pageant will be remembered as one that brought back much needed glamour and excitement to the pageant. Apart from the fact that the organizers could not manage to have Miss Universe 2016 in that year and the pageant had to be moved to the following year for the second time, having pageant crazy Philippines as a host was a brilliant move. For the first time in years, the girls were treated like stars. The schedule was hectic and several of the 86 delegates fell ill during their stay in the country, but this is the first time in years that the schedule looked like something befitting of Miss Universe. I don't even want to start thinking how hard it will be for them to find a host that can match the Filipino magic... or just a host at all. This year, they also have a competitive group and the as the new owners WME/IMG are trying to move away from the Trump era, expect some surprises. They have changed the format and instead of a top 15, only 12 beauties will survive the first cut. The owners have made it clear that they want a woman of substance and it almost seems that they have taken a look how Julia Morley reinvented the Miss World Pageant. Early Monday morning, the Philippines own Pia Wurtzbach will crown the 65th Miss Universe. Who will she be? After keeping an eye on what was happening in the Philippines for the last two weeks, here are our thoughts:

******* Crown Contender - might be the 65th Miss Universe 
****** Could be a runner-up  
***** Possible top 5 finalist 
**** Could reach the top 9 
*** Could reach the top 12
** Unlikely to survive the first cut 
* Highly unlikely to survive the first cut 

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Rosalba Garcias **** 

Rosalba reminds me Roselyn Sanchez, aka Carmen Luna from Devious Maids. Her height and elegance made her stand out and she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I would not be surprised to see her make the first cut and go even further than that. She's really polished.

ECUADOR: Connie Jiminez *** 

I like Connie. She seems like a sweet and lovely young woman. With two solid performances in the preliminaries, her chances will depend on how her interview went. She will step on stage knowing that she gave it her all and represented her country to the best of her ability.

FINLAND: Shirly Karvinen ** 

Finland used to be a powerhouse at Miss Universe, but oh how times have changed. They don't send delegates of the calibre they used to. Shirley actually performed better than expected during the preliminaries, but this group is just too competitive.

FRANCE: Iris Mittenaere ******* 

Iris was one of the favorites before the pageant started and she showed up super prepared and ready to fight for the crown. France achieved their best result in decades last year and this year they replicate last year's top 5 result and I dare I saw they even have a better shot at winning the crown this year. Iris is certainly among the group considered to be crown contenders.

GEORGIA: Nuka Karalashvili *** 

I must admit that I completely overlooked Nuka, but when she stepped out during the preliminaries she took my breath away. She was really strong and was styled incredibly well. She looked ravishing and might be a surprise inclusion in the top 12. I'd also give her the "Most Beautiful Eyes" award.

GERMANY: Johanna Acs *** 

Johanna got a lot of people's attention during her stint in Manila. She had previously made the top 15 at Miss International 2010, but was unplaced at Miss Grand International. This year, she used her pageant experience to make an impact. Everything went well until the preliminary evening gown competition. Her gown and hair did not compliment her beauty and it might have hurt her chances of advancing to the top 12.

GREAT BRITAIN: Jamie-Lee Faulkner ** 

Jamie-Lee is beautiful and she looked polished and prepared throughout. In a less competitive year, I would have had her as a shoo-in for a top 12 spot, but the competition is quite strong this year. I wonder if two solid performances will be enough.

GUAM: Muneka Taisipic * 

Muneka is cute, but that's not always good enough, especially at Miss Universe. I think she did her best, but this group is really strong.

GUATEMALA: Virginia Argueta *** 

I really like Virginia and find her absolutely beautiful. She looked really polished in swimsuit and gown, but somehow I wonder if she gave enough. She could have easily flown under the radar and not been noticed, because a lot of the girls were strong. If she's included in the top 12 it will be a bit of a surprise, but a good one.

GUYANA: Soyini Fraser * 

Soyini looked lovely in her evening gown during the preliminaries. The color really complimented her beauty. There are so many strong delegates this year, though, that I feel Guyana was overshadowed in the beauty stakes.

HAITI: Raquel Pelissier ** 

Haiti's Raquel Pelissier finished as the 3rd up to Reina Hispanoamericana 2016. Her pageant experience really showed here as she was polished and put her best foot forward at all times. The competition is much tougher this time around, so I am not expecting the same type of result for her.

HONDURAS: Sirey Moran ** 

Sirey must be happy that she made it to Miss Universe. She was dethroned by her national organization before being reinstated. I think she is the strongest Miss Honduras since 2009, but I was a bit underwhelmed by her preliminary performance. I think she's more telegenic than photogenic.

Photos: Miss Universe Organization 

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