Friday, January 27, 2017

65th Miss Universe: Eye For Beauty Blog's Top 20 Preliminary Evening Gown Performances

The 65th Miss Universe Preliminary Competition took place at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, the Philippines yesterday. All 86 contestants competed in swimsuits and evening gowns for the panel of preliminary judges. Added to these scores will be the results of the interview round and the average of these will determine the top 12 who will progress to the final stages of the competition on Sunday night. I must say that there were plenty of questionable choices and some favorites really messed up. After watching the preliminary evening gown competition, here are our top 20 in evening gowns:

20: Curacao (9.07) 

19: Peru (9.075) 

18: Dominican Republic (9.09) 

17: Jamaica (9.095) 

16: Vietnam (9.10) 

15: Tanzania (9.12) 

14: Argentina (9.13) 

13: Philippines (9.135) 

12: Nicaragua (9.14) 

11: Thailand (9.15) 

10: Panama (9.155) 

9: Ukraine (9.170) 

8: Puerto Rico (9.175) 

7: USA (9.21) 

6: France (9.22) 

5: Colombia (9.23) 

4: Australia (9.25) 

3: Mexico (9.29) 

2: Venezuela (9.32) 

and our top performer in the evening gown round... 

BRAZIL (9.39) 
Photos sources: Missosology and OPMB Worldwide 


  1. I am surprised that Venezuela is behind Brazil because it seems like she dominated the evening gown competition over Brazil!! I still think that Venezuela is one of the weakest delegates from her country in years, but she came very prepared!! I am hoping that Philippines, USA, and Thailand changes gowns because their gowns would really hurt their chances to win!!!

  2. Brazil was way more elegant than Venezuela. Even comparaing gowns, Venezuala wears a much conservative gown.

  3. Thank you for recognizing Tanzania's gown whicb was designed by Filipino designer John Cliff! She carried it off gracefully as well IMO!