Wednesday, January 18, 2017

65th Miss Universe: Eye For Beauty Blog's Top 25 Standouts in Cebu Swimsuit Presentation

The 86 delegates competing for the 65th Miss Universe title competed in a special swimsuit presentation in Cebu last night. Even thought this is not the official swimsuit preliminary, it was good to see the delegates showing their runway skills on stage. Here are the 25 young women who caught our attention:

25: Belize

24: Australia 

23: Barbados 

22: USA 

21: Slovak Republic 
20: Vietnam 

19: Dominican Republic 

18: Sierra Leone 

17: Nicaragua 

16: Indonesia 
15: Colombia 

14: Ukraine 

13: Germany 

12: Jamaica 

11: France 
10: Argentina 

9: Puerto Rico 

8: Turkey 

7: Belgium 

6: Philippines 
5: Curacao 

4: Venezuela 

3: Thailand 

2: Brazil 

and our favorite catwalk diva... 



  1. I hope that the Miss Universe Organization will go back to the one piece swimsuits. All of the ladies look so classy!! My favorites from these photos are Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, France, and the Philippines at #1!!!

  2. My favorite was Miss glad she caught your eye too! An all around natural beauty!

  3. My favorite is Miss Belize! She is a natural beauty!

  4. Go Belize ❗❗❗����