Sunday, December 4, 2016

Miss World 2016: Surprises (Week 1)

The first week of Miss World 2016 is over and we have been keeping an eye on the 117 delegates since their arrival in Washington, DC a week ago. Here are some of our initial thoughts:

Belarus - Polina Borodacheva 

Belarus usually sends beautiful girls, but they get overlooked for the most part. Polina is stunning, but will she catch the eyes of the judges?!

Belgium - Lenty Frans 

I was not convinced that Lenty would stand out when she won, but she has worked hard and she has come prepared. I am really impressed by her preparation.

Bolivia - Leyda Suarez 

I liked Leyda when she was crowned and I think she has shown up well-prepared and could make it to the quarter finals.

Chile - Antonia Figueroa 

Antonia looked super cute and sounded adorable in her talent preview. The Miss World judges usually respond well to girls like her.

Ecuador - Mirka Cabrera 

I was not a fan of Mirka when she was crowned, but after watching her talent preview, I have my eyes on her. She was super likeable.

Fiji - Pooya Priyanka 

Pooya has showed up super prepared and determined to do well. I think she might impress the jduges.

Kazakhstan - Aliya Mergembayera 

Isn't she just gorgeous?! Aliya's beauty is just divine and I hope she will do well in the competition. It would be fantastic to see Kazakhstan win their first Miss World title.

Korea - Hyun Wang 

Hyun is well-spoken and likeable. I think the judges might like her for that.

New Zealand - Karla de Beer 

I am quite impressed by Karla. She looks great and she sounds great, which is a bonus at Miss World.

Peru - Pierina Wong 

After the first week of competition, I feel that Miss Peru is definitely one to watch.

South Africa - Ntandoyenkosi Kunene 

I always knew that between Miss World and Miss Universe, Ntandoyenkosi's best chance will be at Miss World. I feel that she is probably the best prepared of all the African girls. She is really articulate and I think she will do really well in the Talent Challenge Event. She sounded amazing.

Venezuela - Diana Croce 

With little to no time to prepare, I was not sure if Diana would be read, but man they do a great job in Venezuela. They finally got the Miss World forumal right and she's looking great! 

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