Sunday, December 11, 2016

Miss World 2016: The Strong Ones (Week 2)

Here are the delegates who I feel continued quite strongly in the second week of competition:


Madeline is always perfectly groomed. My one piece of feedback is that she always looks the same. I think she should switch up her look a bit.


In terms of sheer beauty, she might not be leading the pack, but Canada is there to compete. She is extremely well-spoken and accomplished. The judges will like that.


Helena is gorgeous and she has such beautiful eyes. She bears a striking resemblance to Miss World 2005, Unnur Vilhjalmsdottir from Iceland. I wonder if that is an advantage or disadvantage.


Ana is still on fire and she has enough enthusiasm and personality to fill a whole football stadium. My only concern is that it might be a bit OTT at times.  The live video on the NYC river cruise where she pretty much highjacked Frankie Cena's video made me wonder if it's all just too much for the Miss World brand.


Mongolia's talent is unique and special. She seems to be a favorite. I don't know if she's as strong as when she competed at Miss Earth, but you can't deny that she's a competitor.


I love Audra. I think she's stunning and I'm so glad that she's representing the United States. Her styling needs to be more consistent though. (Above is the Audra I adore!) 

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