Sunday, December 4, 2016

Miss World 2016: Standouts (Week 1)

The first week of Miss World 2016 is over and we have been keeping an eye on the 117 delegates since their arrival in Washington, DC a week ago. Here are some of our initial thoughts:


Australia - Madeline Cowe 

Madeline has been looking consistently good during the first week of the competition. She is projecting a Miss World aura and is standing out for the right reasons. She might be on track for an excellent placement.

Dominican Republic - Yaritza Reyes 

Yaritza is just gorgeous and she is a seasoned competitor. She stands out from the crowd, even in a sea of 117 beauties. We wonder if her stint at Miss Universe (where she made the top 10) will hurt her chances at Miss World.

France - Morgane Edvige 

Miss France could not attend the pageant as she had to crown the next Miss France a day before Miss World, so the runner-up, Morgane Edvige, was sent instead. She has been looking radiant and her bangs certainly makes her noticeable. We just love her and can see her doing really well.

Hungary - Timea Gelencser 

Hungary came so close to winning the title in 2014 when they placed second. This year they have sent another stunner in the form of Timea Gelencser. She made her country proud already by being one of the top 21 in Talent. Can they finally win their first Miss World crown? We say YES, but we are concerned about her lack of height, but we are aware that Miss World is not always just about tall girls.

Puerto Rico - Stephanie del Valle 

Puerto Rico has only won the Miss World title once before, way back in 1975 when Wilnelia Merced took the title. This year, Stephanie will be hoping to make her country proud by taking the title. She is effortless glamorous, yet divinely elegant. She is also really well-spoken and her aura just screams Miss World.

Russia - Yana Dobrovolskaya 

Russia finished as the runner-up to Miss World last year and this year they are hoping to go one further to win their third Miss World title. I was not a fan of Yana when she won her national title, but I must say she has come prepared. She's looking amazing. 

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