Sunday, December 18, 2016

Miss World 2016 Review: Spain - Wales

The 66th Miss World will be crowned on December 18 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Maryland, USA. 117 young women will compete for the title of Miss World 2016. The winner will be crowned by outgoing Miss World. Mireia Lalaguna from Spain. Who will be Miss World? Here are our thoughts about this year's group and their chances.

****** Might be the next Miss World 
***** Might make it to the top 5 or win a continental title 
**** Could reach the top 10 
*** Could reach the top 20 
** Solid competitor but will probably miss the cut 
* Likely to miss the first cut 

Spain – Raquel Tejedor **

Following in the footsteps of the reigning title holder is always a daunting mission for a beauty queen. Raquel held her own here, but I have a feeling they won’t be as lucky this time around.

Sri Lanka – Amritaa de Silva *

In a group of 117 beauties, a few will always get lost in the crowd and Amritaa is, sadly, one of them.

St. Lucia – Latoya Moffett

It’s basically the same story. 117 girls, only 20 places. Tough competition.

Sweden – Emma Strandberg **

Emma is pretty, but if I had to pick my favorite Scandinavian it would have to be Miss Denmark! I hope Emma had a lovely time at Miss World.

Tanzania – Diana Lukumai Edwards **

I loved her when she won her national title, but I think she was overshadowed by quite a few other girls from Africa. She didn’t quite make the impact I expected her to make. I will never forget her victory walk and queenly wave at her national pageant though.

Thailand – Jinnita Buddee **

After a few strong years, I feel that Jinnita is not quite in the same league as some of her predecessors. Well, they always have the people’s vote and they are passionate voters. That might propel her straight into the top 10 (or top 11).

Trinidad and Tobago – Daniella Walcott **

Daniella was one of my biggest favorites before the start of the pageant, but somehow she fell off the radar. It’s sad, because she’s really pretty.

Tunisia – Marriem Hammami *

Last year, I loved their delegate, this year I’m not feeling her that much. But I know they have a lovely girl for next year.

Turkey – Buse Iskenderoglu **

She’s pretty and I think she seems quite sweet, but I have not taken much notice of her. Another pretty one, but it’s just not enough.

Uganda – Leah Kagasa **

I wasn’t feeling Leah at first, but then as the competition progressed, I started realizing why she won her national pageant. There’s something really regal about her. And she seems like lovely girl.

Ukraine – Oleksandra Kucherenko ***

When I saw her crowning videos, I was pretty sure that Oleksandra would be the next Miss World. Sadly, her styling has been an absolute mess and she was really inconsistent. I think her chances have gone out of the window.

United States – Audra Mari *****

I love Audra Mari. I think she’s an exceptional young woman. Sweet, unassuming and absolutely gorgeous. She has been a fantastic host delegate and even though her styling hasn’t been consistently great, she’s just too beautiful too ignore. Miss World better not leave her out!

Uruguay – Maria Romino Trotto **

At one point, I felt that she has a decent shot at placing, but as the competition went on, I realized that some other girls just delivered more consistently.

US Virgin Islands – Kyrelle Thomas *

Being a delegate at an international pageant is a once in a lifetime experience for most girls. I hope Kyrelle had a great time at Miss World.

Venezuela – Diana Croce ***

At first, I thought she didn’t stand a chance at all, but the Venezuelan pageant factory went into overdrive and produced a delegate that was ready to be a Miss World delegate that fit the mold perfectly. Diana has been sweet and elegant and she might be included in the top 20.

Vietnam – Dieu Ngoc Truong ***

Miss Vietnam is stunning, but the Asian group is strong. With the Philippines, China and Mongolia all sure bets, I wonder how many other Asians can make it as I’m pretty sure they are also reserving spots for Indonesia and India. This one would be a nice surprise though!

Wales – Ffion Moyle **

Of all the British girls, I think Ffion is the most beautiful, but I am not sure how her interview will go. She might well end up as Miss United Kingdom though.

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