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Miss World 2016 Review: Colombia - Georgia

The 66th Miss World will be crowned on December 18 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Maryland, USA. 117 young women will compete for the title of Miss World 2016. The winner will be crowned by outgoing Miss World. Mireia Lalaguna from Spain. Who will be Miss World? Here are our thoughts about this year's group and their chances.

****** Might be the next Miss World 
***** Might make it to the top 5 or win a continental title 
**** Could reach the top 10 
*** Could reach the top 20 
** Solid competitor but will probably miss the cut 
* Likely to miss the first cut 

Colombia – Shirley Atehortua **

Now I must say that I was not really a fan of Shirley’s when I saw her crowning pics, but she was well-prepared here and polished. Will that be enough to make the top 20? We are not quite sure about that.

Cook Islands – Natalia Short ***

What a triumphant return for the Cook Islands. Natalia is the first woman from her territory to compete at Miss World since 1990 and they are back with a bang. Not only did she make the top 21 in talent, she also won the Sports Challenge Award and secured her spot in the Miss World 2016 Top 20. She will go down in history as the first woman from the Cook Islands to place at Miss World.

Costa Rica – Jessica Gonzalez **

She has the beauty for sure, but that’s just not enough in a group of 117 young women. I just took she stood out enough to get noticed by the judges. The group is very competitive and I will be surprised if Jessica makes it to the top 20.

Cote D’Ivoire – Esther Memel *

Cote D’Ivoire has sent stunning women in the past few years who have been overlooked. I don’t think this is their strongest year, so it would be a bit odd if they finally get a placement. Esther has some fierce competition in the African group.

Croatia – Angelica Zacchigna **

If not one of the most stunning of the lot, she must get loads of recognition for being well-prepared and some competitive. Not only did she make the top 10 of the talent challenge event, but she just narrowly missed out on a secured top 20 spot by placing second the sports challenge event. Her country should be very proud of her.

Curacao – Sabrina de Castro **

Sabrina was a last minute replacement for the girl who was Miss World Curacao and she was actually the runner-up to Miss Universe Curacao. She is beautiful and if she had a bit more time to prepare, she would certainly have made more of an impact.

Cyprus – Maria Moraru *

Maria competed at Miss Earth 2015 and at that pageant, she was on my radar, but at Miss World it was a different league. I just don’t think she could compete at that level.

Czech Republic – Natalie Kotkova ***

It could go either way for Natalie. She is beautiful, fresh and seems very sweet. She also made top 21 in talent and top 24 in sports. Has she been noticed by the judges? Well, her beauty should have attracted attention, but her interview will probably be make or break.

Denmark – Helena Heuser ***

I love Helena and think she is absolutely gorgeous. If there was an award for the most beautiful eyes in the pageant, she should have taken that. She is an absolutely natural beauty and one of Denmark’s stronger representatives in recent years. She also seems vibrant and personable. And I must mention again that she reminds me of Miss World 2005 from Iceland. I am rooting for her to make it.

Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes ******

Here’s another girl that I just love. Loved her when she competed at Miss Universe and still love her now. She is also even better than when she competed in Russia in 2013. She has everything it takes to be Miss World and it is about time that a woman of color takes the title again. I hope the organization does not hold her Miss Universe stint against her, because Yartiza would make an excellent Miss World!

DR Congo – Andrea Moloto **

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is back for the first time since 2008 and they have sent a strong competitor in the form of Andrea Moloto. I think she’s lovely, but will it be enough to come out on top in the African group. It might be a big challenge.

Ecuador – Mirka Cabrera **

There’s something about Mirka that I really like. She reminds me of the 90s beauty queens and I am probably responding to that. She also seems bubbly and sweet. Her most notable achievement in the pageant was making the top 21 in talent.

Egypt – Nadeen Elsayed *

Egypt did not compete last year, so it’s good to see them back. Personally, Nadeen is not anywhere close to being on my radar, but I do hope that she has had a magnificent time in Washington, DC.

El Salvador – Ana Cortez *

117 girls. 20 spots. It’s a tough job. Ana seems like a lovely girl, but I think the competition is just too tough this year.

England – Elizabeth Grant **

I have mixed feelings about Elizabeth. Her win came as a giant surprise/shock to me, but I have warmed up to her. From her videos, it seems like she is quite likeable and well-spoken. Will that help her to be the top performer of the four UK girls. It’s a tough call, because they all have their flaws, but I think Elizabeth is the UK girl who has shown the most personality.

Equatorial Guinea – Anunciacion Esono *

I don’t feel like the she’s particularly in the African group, so if I evaluate the group as a whole, do I think she will make the top 20? The answer would be no, because I have other favorites in the African group.

Fiji – Pooya Priyanka ***

Pooya came to to Washington, DC to compete and she has been giving it her all. She seems charming, bubbly and eager to make her country proud. She is really pretty, but she seems quite petite. Will Fiji finally get their placement? Regardless of what happens, she has tried her best and has made her country proud by placing in the top 21 in talent.

Finland – Heta Sallinen **

Due to the stunning pic above, Hetta was one of my strong favorites before the pageant started, but I must say that she has fallen off my radar a bit. I think she’s pretty, but there are other girls who have been standing out more. It’s not impossible that can still place, but I am not so sure about her chances anymore.

France – Morgane Edvige ****

I think Morgane is fresh, bubbly and likeable. She was the runner-up to Miss France last year and the as the winner could not compete because she has to crown the next Miss France, Morgan got her chance to go for glory at Miss World. I think her makeover was very smart and I love her bangs, because it sets her apart from the rest. As a top 5 finalist in Top Model, I am feeling optimistic about her chances. Fact remains, she’s pretty and deserving.

Georgia – Viktoria Kocherovi **

Viktoria is another one of my pre-pageant favorites who have not quite managed to live up to my prepageant expectations. She is beautiful, but I wanted more from her. I found her inconsistent and I am not sure if she was well-prepared for this.

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