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Miss World 2016 Review: Albania - China

The 66th Miss World will be crowned on December 18 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Maryland, USA. 117 young women will compete for the title of Miss World 2016. The winner will be crowned by outgoing Miss World. Mireia Lalaguna from Spain. Who will be Miss World? Here are our thoughts about this year's group and their chances.

****** Might be the next Miss World 
***** Might make it to the top 5 or win a continental title 
**** Could reach the top 10 
*** Could reach the top 20 
** Solid competitor but will probably miss the cut 
* Likely to miss the first cut 

Albania – Endrra Kovaci *

Endrra has been flying under the radar in my opinion. Sadly, the Miss World coverage has been hard to follow this year and identifying the girls just based on facial recognition and their tiny name badges made it a bit of a challenge. Endrra is a lovely looking lady, but I do not think she stood out from the crowd.

Antigua & Barbuda – Latisha Greene *

It’s lovely to see Antigua & Barbuda back in the competition. Latisha is well-spoken and she represented her country with pride.

Argentina – Camila Macias *

Camila was the runner-up in her national pageant and replaced the original winner, who was dethroned. Like many other girls, I feel that she did not stand out to make an impact. That being said, Miss World is highly unpredictable, so anything can happen.

Aruba – Lynette do Nascimento **

One of Lynette’s best moments at Miss World must have been being part of the Caribbean Team for the Continental cook-off. They took top honours in this challenge. She also made it to the finals of the sports challenge event  Is she the strongest I have seen from the “one happy island”. Hmmm. Probably not.

Australia – Madeline Cowe ****

Australia has been doing really well at Miss World in recent years and this year they have sent another worthy contender in the form of Madeline Cowe. The Miss World Australia franchise is under new directorship and they have done well to prepare Madeline for the competition. She looked elegant and polished throughout the competition. I would not say that she’s the strongest speaker Australia has ever sent though, but she has a great chance of doing really well in the competition and keeping Australia’s streak going.

Austria – Dragana Stankovic **

I was quite impressed with Dragana when she won her national competition. Standing out between a bevy of 117 beauties is a whole different challenges though. She’s pretty, but this is a tough group. She can be very proud of making it to the finals of the sports challenge even

Bahamas – Ashley Hamilton **

Ashley did some good work in her country to raise money for the devastation caused by a hurricane in her country. Just like many of her predecessors, she is extremely well-spoken. Could she charm the judges enough to get through to the top 20. I have other favorites from this region, but I did notice her during the competition.

Belarus – Polina Borodacheva **

Polina was mentioned as one of my surprises in my analysis after the first weeks. Like I mentioned then, Belarus usually sends really beautiful girls and I think Polina is really beautiful, a natural beauty who (on paper) should do well at Miss World. Something usually goes wrong and they are always overlooked. Will Polina suffer the same fate as most of her predecessors?

Belgium – Lenty Frans ***

Lenty was one of my big surprises. She showed up looking lovely, ready to compete. I also think she has a very good BWAP project. Belgium has been doing quite well at Miss World and I think they made a smart decision by sending Lenty to Miss World. I think she might be noticed by the judges and could end up in the top 20. Sadly, Belgium is also known for horrible styling choices, so could that be her downfall if she makes it that far?!

Belize – Iris Salguero *

In a group of 117 girls, some are bound to stand out and others not. I just did not really notice Iris that much to write a proper review about her. That might not be the best news for her chances in the competition, but who I am I to judge? I have learned that being an armchair judge is totally from being actually there. I do hope she enjoyed her Miss World experience regardless of the outcome.

Bolivia – Leyda Suarez **

There are about 50 girls in the competition who could place in the top 20 and Leyda is one of them. She’s very likeable and polished. I liked her when I saw her photo when she won her national pageant and I think she did quite well in the competition. She could be a surprise if the judges saw that likeability in her.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Halida Krajisnik **

Halida is really beautiful and I expected her to stand out a bit more than she did. Sometimes being beautiful is just not enough. If their delegate in 2014 couldn’t make it, I wonder if she will be able to crack the top 20.

Botswana – Thata Kenosi ***

I really like Thata. I do not think she’s the most beautiful of the African girls, but she’s polished and consistent. She has been catching my eye more and more. I think she’s pretty, elegant, composed and well-spoken. Could she be a surprise in the top 20?

Brazil – Beatrice Fontoura ******

Beatrice was my favourite going into the competition, but she lost a bit of ground going into the competition, mostly because of her styling. She also did not appear that relax. However, it must be said that she is a) gorgeous and b) fits the Miss World mold perfectly. A Miss World crown for Brazil (or at least a top 3 placement) is long overdue. Beatrice should make it to the top 20 and go further than that. If the organization wants someone who is the epitome of class and sophistication, she might be the one.

British Virgin Islands – Kadia Turnbull **

Kadia is, without a doubt, one of the stronger delegates her country has sent in recent years. I can see why she has been part of New York Fashion Week. She represented her country really well and if this doesn’t work out, she can still aspire to be a top model.

Bulgaria – Galina Asenova *

The group is quite strong this year and in my opinion, it will be an uphill battle for Galina to make it to the top 20. The competition is just too tough.

Canada – Anastasia Lin **

Well, we all know the story. Anastasia is originally from China, but moved to Canada. As an activist trying to highlight issues about human rights, she has angered the Chinese government, and was denied entry into China last year to represent her country. This year, she’s back and as the competition is on American soil there’s nothing stopping her from using this platform to raise her profile. Well, apart from the Miss World Organization, who has apparently blocked Lin from doing any media reports regards this. Will being part of the talent top ten be her moment of glory in this contest or will the Miss World Organization risk their longstanding relationship with China by letting her advance to the top 20. Time will tell.

Cayman Islands – Monyque Brooks **

I don’t think Monyque is the strongest competitor in terms of sheer beauty, but I like her look, which is still quite unconventional in pageants. One thing is for sure, she’s an outspoken, modern young woman with loads of confidence and personality. She was also part of the winning team in the Sports Challenge Event, the Red Team.

Chile – Antonia Figeuroa ***

She ticks all the boxes. She’s beautiful, talented, sweet and well-rounded. She also has the ability to stand out without trying too hard. Chile has done well by sending Antonia, because I feel she’s the type of girl who usually does really well at Miss World.

China PR – Jin Kong *****

I like Jin. She seems sweet and she was my favorite to win her national title. They don’t have the home advantage this year and China doesn’t usally do well when the pageant is not held in China, but Jing showed us that she will chance all of that by winning the Top Model Challenge Event. Last year the eventual winner of Miss World took the Top Model prize too. She's in the top 20 now and the big question is will she be the next Miss World?  But the Asian group is fiercely competitive. On a sidenote, I wonder what her relationship with Miss Canada is like.

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