Monday, December 19, 2016

Miss World 2016: Full Results of the 66th Miss World Pageant

Miss World 2016: Stephanie Del Valle (19), Miss Puerto Rico 
* Second Miss World from Puerto Rico
* 66th Miss World
* 1.78m tall
* First winner from the Caribbean since 1993

Runner-up to Miss World: Yaritza Reyes (23), Miss Dominican Republic 
* Wins Queen of the Caribbean title
* Best result for the Dominican Republic since 2004 when they also came second
* Was Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2013 and top 10 at Miss Universe

Second Runner-up: Natasha Mannuela (22), Miss Indonesia 
* Second year in a row that Indonesia placed third
* Wins Queen of Asia title
* Was named the winner of the Beauty With A Purpose Fast Track

Third Runner-up: Catriona Gray (22), Miss Philippines 
* Was named the winner of the Multimedia Fast Track
* 6th year in a row that they placed
* Best result for the Philippines since 2013 when they won the title

Fourth Runner-up: Evenlyn Njambi (22), Miss Kenya 
* Wins Queen of Africa title, First since 199
* First time Kenya places in top 5

Top 11

Belgium: Lenty Frans 
* Wins Queen of Europe title
* First time Belgium wins Queen of Europe

Brazil: Beatrice Fontoura 
* 6th consecutive placement for Brazil

China: Jing Kong 
* Winner of Miss World Top Model

Korea: Hyun Wang 
* Best placement for Korea since 2011

Mongolia: Bayartsetseg Altangerel 
* Winner of Miss World Talent
* Winner of the People's Choice
* 2nd ever placement and best performing Mongolian ever at Miss World

United States: Audra Mari 
* Wins Queen of Americas title

Top 20

Australia: Madeline Cowe 
* Wins Queen of Oceania
* 6th straight placement for Australia

Cook Islands: Natalia Short 
* Wins Miss World Sports
* First ever woman from the Cook Islands to place at Miss World

France: Morgane Edvigne 
* Second straight placement for France

Ghana: Antoinette Kemavor 

Hungary: Timea Gelenscer 
* Second ever placement for Hungary

India: Priyadarshini Chatterjee 

Japan: Priyanka Yoshikawa 
* First placement for Japan since 2011

Slovakia: Kristina Cincurova 
* Second ever Miss Slovakia to place at Miss World

Thailand: Jinnita Buddee 


  1. Very pretty, she seems very sweet but very similar to MW 2011, shame they always go for similar ones. Oh for a totally different type of winner, why do they always have to have long hair. We need a unique look. But good top 5. Kenya spoilt chance with ghastly gown choice.

  2. I finally got to watch Miss World 2016 and all I can say is "what a let down!!!" No Dances of the World, No introduction of the delegates, NO! NO! NO! I do like the winner but the show somewhat stunk......