Sunday, December 4, 2016

Miss World 2016: (Advice for) Strong Contenders - Week 1

The first week of Miss World 2016 is over and we have been keeping an eye on the 117 delegates since their arrival in Washington, DC a week ago. Here are some of our initial thoughts:


Brazil - Beatrice Fontoura 

Everything about Beatrice is so Miss World. She's classy, elegant and gorgeous. I do want her to relax a bit more and loosen up (literally - her hair and figuratively - her demeanour) a little bit. She comes across as being super stiff. I would love to see her enjoy the competition a bit more.

India - Priyadarshini Chatterjee 

There are times when I am absolutely mesmerized by Priyadarshini's beauty, but she has to watch out. She has been a bit inconsistent and can come across as too "teen".

Israel - Karin Alia 

There's no denying that Karin is gorgeous, but I am wondering if she did her homework. At times, she comes across as being too sexy for Miss World.

Mexico - Ana Girault 

Ana is one of the most beautiful girls of the competition and she has A LOT of personality... that's the problem. She is proudly loud and outspoken, but it's so not Miss World. If you look at the winners of the last 15 years since Julia Morley took the reigns, can you name one that was like her? It might be a good or a bad thing. Who knows?!

Philippines - Catriona Gray 

Catriona is without a doutbt one of the strongest competitors, but I am not always sure about her styling. She needs to wear her hair down more often and think about what she's going to wear.

Slovakia - Kristina Cincurova 

Kristina is such a gorgeous girl, but she really needs to liven up a bit. She's been fading into the backround... and she should not be doing that.

Ukraine - Oleksandra Kucherenko 

Oleksandra is one of the most stunning beauties of the whole lot, but she seems quite unprepared. I was afraid that she will not show up prepared and I am starting to worry. At times, she's totally on point and then there are times when I find her a bit unimpressive.

United States - Audra Mari 

I have always loved Audra and I still do. I just want her to be more consistent. She is the host girl and she needs to make heads turn at all times. I really want her to step it up.

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