Saturday, December 31, 2016

Miss Universe 2016: Schedule of Events Released

The Miss Universe Pageant is going all out to show that they are the undisputed number 1 pageant in the world. Unlike their counterpart, Miss World, the next edition of Miss Universe will not be a low-key event shrouded in secrecy and little to no events for the girls competing in this competition. The Department of Tourism has released the jam-packed schedule of events for the 65th Miss Universe Pageant, which will start in less than two weeks in Manila:

January 12-15: Arrivals, Registrations, Fittings, Photo shoots
January 15: Pre-pageant activities start with a photo shoot in Vigo
January 16: Governor's Ball attended by all the delegates
January 17: Swimsuit Photo Shoot
January 17 - 20: Tour of the Philippines in groups
January 21: Fashion Show in Manila
January 22: Woman Empowerment Night
January 23: Contestants visit President of the Philippines, Event at Conrad Hotel
January 24: National Costume Show
January 27: Swimsuit Preliminary Show
January 29: Evening Gown Preliminary Show
January 30: 65th Miss Universe final

Also, in another stark contrast to what happened in Washington, DC tickets for the Miss Universe final has already been on sale for more than a week. Tickets can be bought here;

Not only will the final be shown live on American network, Fox, it will also be shown live by all major networks in the Philippines.

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