Thursday, November 3, 2016

Miss World 2016: First Promo Released

Here it is, the official promo of Miss World 2016 in the United States:

* This is not the first time Miss World is being held in the USA. It's the first time that the entire pageant is in the USA. In 1991, the contest started in London, then the girls went to South Africa, before the show's final few days happened in Atlanta, Georgia culminating in the least glamorous final show ever. 

** The best thing every year about Miss World is the promo. It always OVERPROMISES and then when the whole thing starts, they UNDERDELIVER. I hope I can eat my words this year, but I highly doubt it. From the promos it always seems as if it will be super exciting, and they usually start off with a bang before they run out of steam by week 2! 

*** Are the people responsible for the promo also responsible for the final? It almost seems inconceivable, because the final is often a slow paced snoozefest!!! Come on, Miss World. Pull up your socks. You don't have to be the old lady of the pageant world. 

**** With only a few weeks to go and no information about tickets etc, I have decided not to travel to DC to see the show. Miss World is not a fan experience. It's a family business. Sad, because I have supported them for 25 years!!! 


  1. Very well said, Andre!

  2. It's the same promo from last year with a different soundtrack and subtitles.

  3. I've given up on any major changes in the Miss World finals for has long as Julia Morley is chairman. I just appreciate it for what it is in this era. Change will come when someone else is at the helm who takes entertainment into consideration like Eric Morley did.