Thursday, November 3, 2016

Miss World 2016: Designations (Part 2)

Miss World 2016 will start later this month in Washington, DC. More than a 100 beauties from countries and territories all around the world will compete for the 66th Miss World title. Meet some of the beauties who were designated to represent their countries/territories:


22 year old Katarina Kekovic, the first runner-up to last year's Miss Montenegro, has been chosen to represent Montenegro at this year's Miss World Pageant. Miss Montenegro 2016 was crowned recently and the winner will represent her country at Miss World 2016. Kekovic stands 1.8m tall.


Rethabile Tsosane (21) will represent Lesotho at Miss World 2016. This decision was made after the original winner stepped down.


Selina Kriechbaum (21) is Miss World Germany 2016. She stands 1.75m tall.


Vicktoria Kocherovi (21), the first runner-up of Miss Georgia 2015, has been selected to represent Georgia at Miss World 2016. The Miss Georgia Pageant has been postponed until next year.


21 year old Ana Miriam Cortez has been appointed Miss World El Salvador 2016. She stands 1.7m tall.


The winner of Miss Cyprus 2015, Maria Moraru, will travel to Washington, DC later this month to represent her country at Miss World 2016. She is 23 years old and stands 1.75m tall.

Georgia is really beautiful. Lesotho is also quite promising! 

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  1. I agree, Georgia is absolutely stunning!! I hope she crosses over to Miss Universe if she does not succeed at Miss World!!!