Sunday, November 20, 2016

Miss Utah USA 2017

Beautiful Baylee Jensen was crowned Miss Utah USA 2017 earlier today. She is 19 years old and the daughter of Grethen Polhemus, Miss USA 1989. Utah has won the Miss USA title twice, but not since 1960 when they also scooped up their first Miss Universe title. They have placed 21 times at Miss USA with the last time being a third runner-up spot in 2013. Will it be Utah's year next year?

She's beautiful, just like her moma! I can see a Miss USA crown in her future!!! 

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  1. I am impressed!! And having a mother who was the fifth Texan to win Miss USA back to back, She should have an excellent chance to win Miss USA!!! And with the background of the legendary GUYREX training from her mother, plus with Richard Guy hopefully will have some input in Bailey's training!!!