Sunday, November 27, 2016

Miss Supranational 2016: Eye For Beauty Blog's Top 15 Official Portraits

With less than a week before the grand final of the 2016 Miss Supranational Pageant, the suspense is building as wait to find out who will be the next Miss Supranational. Later this week, the 71 contestants will travel from Slovakia to Poland where the final of the competition will be held on Friday, December 2nd. The official portraits of the delegates have been released at and here are our favorites:

15: Sri Lanka 

14: France 

13: Suriname

12: Poland 

11: Ecuador 
10: Venezuela 

9: Gibraltar

8: Argentina

7: Russia

6: Colombia 
5: Canada

4: Hungary 

3: Paraguay

2: Mexico 

and our favorite official portrait.... 

16.Slovakia   17.Angola   18.Brazil   19.Switzerland   20.Australia
21.Costa Rica  22.India  23.Indonesia  24.Czech Republic  25.Sweden

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  1. What's wrong with Mexico? Her face is awkward, kind of manly. And on second place? Wrong!!!