Thursday, October 13, 2016

Miss South Africa 2017 Semi-Finalists: Meet the Ladies from KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the Eastern Cape

Twenty six young women have survived the national screenings to make it through to the next round of the Miss South Africa competition. Gauteng, once again, has the highest number of semi-finalist with a whopping 14 ladies from this region making it. The Western Cape has 6 girls, KwaZulu Natal has 3 and the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga all got one semi-finalist. These young women will go through another round of competition before the top 12 are announced. The ladies who make it to this round will battle it out for the crown and R1 million in cash on March 25, 2017 at the Sun City Superbowl in South Africa's Northwest Province.

Let's meet the ladies from KwaZulu Natal:

From: Lenasia

Eye For Beauty: There's something really sexy and sultry about this girl. I like her look and she seems quite promising. It's early days, but she could shape up to be one of the competitors. 

Eye For Beauty 1st Impression: 8.3/10 

From: Mtunzini

Eye For Beauty: Oooooo... I like what I am seeing here. She has this throwback Josie Borain look going for her, but at the same time she's also fresh and current. I think she might be a contender. 

Eye For Beauty 1st Impression: 9.2/10 

From: Yellowwood Park, Durban

Eye For Beauty: She's striking and I'm captivated by something, but I am not sure if her look is more model or beauty queen. I need to see more. 

Eye For Beauty 1st Impression: 7.1/10 

Mpumalanga's one and only hope this year:

From: Witbank

Eye For Beauty: A redhead! Love it! She looks amazing in this photo and if she can consistently look as radiant, she'll be up there. 

Eye For Beauty 1st Impression: 8.8/10 

She's flying the flage for Limpopo Province:

From: Mokopane

Eye For Beauty: She looks fierce in this shot. Strong enough to place, but it could go either way for her. 

Eye For Beauty 1st Impression: 7.0/10 

The Eastern Cape has made it again with:

From: Tsolo

Eye For Beauty: I can see why she was chosen, because she's very striking. But I think they should soften her look a bit. It's far more model than beauty queen. 

Eye For Beauty 1st Impression: 6.9/10

*** DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and opinions mentioned above are solely those of Eye For Beauty Blog's Owner/Editor. These remarks mean no hard to any candidate and they are based on one photo only. First impressions are a part of life and they often change as a journey commences. My opinions might and probably will change over the next 5 months as the competition heats up. I am aware that there's a rigorous judging process that take place over a long period of time to find the best representative for South Africa. I have no intention of influencing the judges at all. May the best and most deserving candidate win the Miss SA 2017 title. ***

Photos courtesy of Miss South Africa / Sun International 

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  1. Iman is gorgeous,will be disappointing if she doesn't make top 12. I usually love red haired ladies, but imo this red will not make top 12