Thursday, October 27, 2016

Miss Philippines wins Miss International 2016

Miss Philippines, 24 year old Kylie Verzosa, was just crowned Miss International 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Battling floods of tears and a pesky loose fake eyelash, she thanked her countrymen for their support and the Miss International Organization for the wonderful opportunity she had been given. Versoza is the sixth Filipina to be crowned Miss International.

The first runner-up was Miss Australia, Alexandra Britton.

The second runner-up was Felicia Hwang, Miss Indonesia. She also won the Miss Best Dresser title.

Brianny Chamorro, Miss Nicaragua, was named the third runner-up. Chamorro was also named Miss National Costume.

Kaityrana Leinbach, Miss USA, was named the fourth runner-up.

The delgates from Argentina, Canada, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Thailand completed the top 15.

A delighted Miss Moldova was named Miss Perfect Body. The five continental queens were Miss Hong Kong (Miss International Asia), Miss Netherlands (Miss International Europe), Miss Ecuador (Miss International America), Miss Sierra Leone (Miss International Africa) and Miss Hawaii (Miss International Oceania).
As always, Miss International never fails to surprise and shock. I thought Philippines did well, but did not expect her to win. I am happy with her victory though. Australia was pretty, but first runner-up?! Indonesia was stunning and should have achieved a higher placement. Nicaragua was a surprise too. USA was deserving. Mexico was robbed. She was stunning. Finland was gorgeous too, but her speech was shaky. After the speeches, my ranking was: 1) Mexico 2) Indonesia 3) Australia 4) USA 5) Philippines. Well done to Kylie and the Philippines for winning their sixth Miss International title! 


  1. The big question: Why Philippines president was there? What he was doing??? You never see any country's president at a beauty pageant ( unless is the host country) I just wonder...

    1. He was there to meet Shinzo Abe, you dumbass. It was just a coincidence that it coincides with Miss International. Admit it, Kylie was the best during the finals! If you won't, then I can't do anything about it since you're blinded with your bitterness and close-mindedness.

  2. Why? What happened to her (fake) eyelashes?

  3. I hope that the Miss International Organization will get rid of that crown with the red felt and the straps to tie the crown to the winner's head. And the tiny crowns for the runner ups instead of a larger crown seems to me to be seen at a child's pageant. The organization needs to do a make over to update this pageant.

    I like the winner but the four runner ups seemed to be better selections. And I am of Filipino descent but not satisfied with the winner which is very rare for me. The winner is beautiful but her styling is so off the mark. But Congratulations Philippines for their 4th win in a row of the Big 4 International Beauty Pageants. Now I am wondering if the Philippines will make it 3 of 4 years of having two of four winners of the Big Four International Beauty Pageants!!

  4. She's got such a big round head, she reminds me of an ant!! Yes an ant!!!