Friday, October 28, 2016

If I were a judge: Miss Earth 2016

Eighty three young earth warriors from all over the world have gathered in the Philippines to compete for the 16th Miss Earth title tomorrow night. The winner will succeed Angelia Ong from the Philippines who took home the title in Vienna, Austria last year. 

Unlike other years, I decided not to follow the pageant that closely and do no leaderboards for Miss Earth. In recent years, I have been feeling that the results are quite random and the pageant is hard to follow. As I am starting to feel the same about Miss International and Miss Grand International, I will review this after this year's final. But for heaven's sake: could the organizers of these pageants not schedule three major ones in one week. I am hoping that the three pageants will take place in different months or at least a few weeks apart. All these big pageants clumped together in the last 3 months of the year is really causing major pageant fatigue and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

This If I were a judge is slightly different, because it's a mix of what I want to happen and what I think will happen. If I were a judge: 

Miss Earth 2016: United States of America, Corrin Stellakis 
 This is more of a what I think will happen. The USA has never won Miss Earth. They have a brand new organization. Is it time for their first winner? 

Miss Earth Air: Australia, Lyndl Kean 
This is more of a what I want to happen. I would not mind if this girl takes it all. She's gorgeous. 

Miss Earth Water: Venezuela, Stephanie De Zorzi 

I would say this is a what I want to happen. This is an awful photo, but Stephanie is really pretty. I think she deserves a spot in the top 4. 

Miss Earth Fire: Sweden, Cloie Skarne 
What I think will happen. Cloie is from a very influential family in the Philippines' entertainment industry. I'd be very surprised if this does not give her a major boost. 

Top 8
5th place: Denmark, Klaudia Parsberg 

This is a what I want to happen. Don't let this photo fool you. She's gorgeous and quite natural. I wouldn't mind if she gives Denmark their second title. 

6th place: Ecuador, Katherine Espin 

This is a what I think will happen. She seems to be one of the clear front-runners, so don't be surprised to see her go all the way... or be totally excluded. You never know at Miss Earth. 

7th place: Russia, Aleksandra Cherepanova 

This is a what I want to happen. She actually deserves a much better placement than this. I would not mind if she wins it all. 

8th place: South Africa, Nozipho Magagula 

This is a what I think will happen. South Africa has one of Miss Earth's strongest and most powerful national franchises. They are due another strong placement as their only other top 8 placements were in 2010 and 2012. Nozipho looked regal and elegant in her national costume, so I think she could be one of the better performing South Africans. 

Top 16 
9th place: England, Luissa Burton 

What I want to happen. If she really looks like this and delivers on stage, she could go even further. 

10th place: Philippines, Imelda Schweighart

What I think will happen. Two consecutive titles for the host delegate will probably put her at a disadvantage. Will they really let one of their own place high again after last year's backlash. I do think she's beautiful though. 

11th place: Mexico, Itzel Astudillo 

What I think will happen. Mexico usually does well at Miss Earth and it seems like Itzel is doing well in the competition. I think they have had stronger representatives though. 

12th place: Colombia, Michelle Gomez 

What I want to happen. I think Michelle is deserving of a place in the top 16. She seems to be one of the sure bets. 

13th place: Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em 

What I think will happen. It seems like Miss Vietnam is getting some buzz and it's quite likely that she will make it to the top 16. 

14th place: Japan, Ami Hachiya 

What I want to happen. I think Ami is really cute and it would be nice to see her place. 

15th place: Kenya, Grace Wanene 

What I think will happen. A lot of fans are predicting that Grace will be the highest placing African. It could happen. 

16th place: Brazil, Bruna Zanardo 

What I want to happen. Brazil is one of the powerhouses of Miss Earth. Bruna deserves to be in the top 16. I am probably placing her way too low. 

Wales, Charlotte Hitchman 

Thailand, Atcharee Buakhiao 



  1. Venezuela, Denmark, Russia, or Australia!!! Russia is a goddess, but she's too sweet. I'm hoping that she'll get one of the elemental crowns or win. I also like USA, but she's giving me teeny vibe, but I wouldn't mind if she wins. Great prediction! :)


  3. I totally agree that the USA should win it all. But I am being an armchair judge and choosing Vietnam as Miss Air, Miss Colombia as Miss Water, and Miss Brazil as Miss Fire. I think it was be awesome to see Philippines to pull a threepeat but I doubt it if she will get that lucky. Imelda is gorgeous!!!