Saturday, September 10, 2016

If I were a judge: Miss America 2017

Atlantic City is ready to host the Miss America 2017 Pageant once again on Sunday night. 52 young women represent the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will compete to become the next Miss America. Last year, Georgia's Betty Cantrell won her state's first Miss America crown. Who will it be this year? If I were a judge:

Miss America 2017: Miss Maryland, Hannah Brewer 

1st runner-up: Miss California, Jessa Carmack 

2nd runner-up: Miss Illinois, Jaryn Franklin 

3rd runner-up: Miss Florida, Courtney Sexton 

4th runner-up: Miss Tennessee, Grace Burgess 
Top 10
6th place: Miss Ohio, Alice Magoto 

7th place: Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields 

8th place: Miss Texas, Caroline Carothers 

9th place: Miss Missouri, Erin O'Flaherty 

10th place: Miss District of Columbia, Cierra Jackson 
Top 15
11th place: Miss South Carolina, Rachel Wyatt 

12th place: Miss West Virginia, Morgan Breeden 

13th place: Miss Iowa, Kelly Koch 

14th place: Miss Michigan, Arianna Quan 

15th place: Miss Georgia, Patricia Ford 

Miss Hawaii, Allison Chu 

Miss Rhode Island, Shruti Nagarajan 
Photos courtesy of Miss America Organization! 


  1. Michigan is my top choice, followed by Tennessee, Texas, Hawaii, and California are my runner ups... I was amazed how much Texas has changed for the better since her crowning....

    1. Michigan? She's got crossed eyes!!!