Friday, July 8, 2016

I'm back


Hello everyone,

First of all, thanks so much for all the messages of support. I read each comment, e-mail and facebook message and it actually inspired me not to give up my blog entirely - just take a few weeks off and come back again. Sometimes you need a bit of space to just digest life's unexpected shocks and challenges. I have never thought of my problems as worse than those of others, especially if you look at what's going on in the world at the moment. I needed a bit of rest as I was running on empty. I couldn't keep up work, the blog and everything else. It was all too much. And I guess that's OK.

Things happen. Sometimes evil comes in its most purest form, packaged so nicely, looking so innocent, pretending to be so good and nice. BUT... Evil is sly. Evil is calculated. Evil is manipulative. Evil is deceitful. Evil is cruel. However, evil is also weak and cowardly. Evil acts selfishly and then it flees to go and cause damage elsewhere, which is actually quite pitiful. And yes, I'm sure we have all experienced it at some point or another. After a bit of time comes the personal choice. What do you want to be: a victim of evil or a casualty? I guess the spirt of mankind is such that we always keep fighting so that good will ALWAYS triumph over evil.

So, I am back. Still deconstructing and reconstructing. Still figuring things out. Still trying to digest everything. And if you are wondering why I'm writing openly and honestly... well, it's simple. There's a REAL person behind this blog. And second of all, I have received such lovely messages and I can't respond to all of them, but I think most of the messages inspired me to always be open, honest and truthful. I can't make other people act/be the same, but that's how I choose to live my life. That makes people enjoy what I do. So that's how I choose to share things with the people who actually enjoy my blog and have reached out to share stories about their own lives with me. We are all in this thing called life together and I have always believed pageants bring people together. That's the real beauty for me in beauty pageants (which ironically can be a really nasty and ugly): finding a community of friends who can share a passion, but also stick together during good and bad times.

Thanks again to all those people who took the time to reach out to me these last few weeks. I am back because of your kindness and I will continue my blog because of you.

Much love,



  1. It's great that you are back!! Been reading your blog again and again sometimes haha

  2. Nice to see you are back! So happy to read your blog again......Wishing you all the very best!