Thursday, July 21, 2016

If I were a judge: Miss World Australia 2016

The former national director of Miss Universe Australia, Deborah Miller, has taken over the Miss World Australia Pageant and her first winner will be crowned on July 22. Sadly, the coverage of this pageant is a mess. Their website has not been updated properly and their facebook page is quite disorganized, which makes covering this pageant a nightmare. There are so many beautiful girls this year, though, so it's a real shame that it's so hard to find good pictures and information about this pageant. Anyway, who will be Miss World Australia 2016? If I were a judge:

Miss World Australia 2016: Isobel (Izzy) Ramsay 

1st runner-up: Christy Taylor 

2nd runner-up: Madeline Cowe 

3rd runner-up: Esma Voloder 

4th runner-up: Paige McCormack 

Bridget Rootsey

Nicola McLean 
Photos: Missosology 

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