Monday, June 6, 2016


It is with much sadness and regret that I have to announce that the time has come for me to take a break from Eye For Beauty. For the last 5 and a half years, this blog has been like my baby. In the darkest of days, it gave me something to hold on to. It was with immense pride that I watched it grow and it gave me an opportunity to share a passion with those of you who came back time after time to read what I had to say. I have received so many lovely messages these last few years, I have made amazing friends all around the world through my involvement in beauty pageants and I had the opportunity to just be creative and do something I truly loved. Let's face it, it's just a pageant blog... but if my passion gave you one reason to smile or touched your heart, then I am grateful that I had the ability to do that.

Sometimes, though, things happen. On rainy days in May, things might change. Your world might change. There comes a time when you get stumped (by life) and you just can't put your words together a la Caitlin Upton:

You might want to have the fierceness of Pia and give everyone the look, saying I'm untouchable... or giggle and do a few eye rolls like Olivia Jordan... but sometimes life has a way of shaking you around until you need to just take a break, and go into hiding to try and find yourself... a la Ariadna Gutierrez after the shock of realizing that she was not Miss Universe and actually the first runner-up. Sometimes you just have to go away for a while and let it all sink in.

There's a person behind this blog and that person has invested so much time, energy and effort into this. It was disappointing at times to see my ideas being copied, but also a validation that what I was doing was actually not too bad.

Of the countless highlights over the last few years, three truly stand out:

1. The moment when Julia Morley announced S...outh Africa, watching Rolene Strauss react to becoming Miss World and seeing Megan Young excitedly doing a little jiggle... that moment still gives me goosebumps.

2. Meeting Rolene Strauss in Sanya was absolutely unforgettable. It was a meeting that almost never happened. (Thanks to my dear friend Werner for working hard to make it happen.) But when it did, it was magical. She made me feel so special and I felt like I was floating around. It just proved to me that sincerity, honesty and true beauty might still prevail... sometimes.

3. My beautiful interview with Miss World 1964, Ann Sidney. It was so heartfelt and sincere and some of the work I'm most proud of. Ann is mostly to thank for that. She is an incredible lady and getting to know her (online) was a privilege and honor.

As I bid you all farewell for now, I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for the support, thank you for taking time to visit my silly, little blog and most of all thank you for sharing this passion with me.

As I take some time to rest and deal with a devastating personal loss, I will definitely remain grateful for all the wonderful moments I have had thanks to this passion. I definitely am sad that I have to stop doing Eye For Beauty, because a lot of hard work went into it, but I know I need to take a break.

We never know how life will work out. Maybe this isn't good bye, maybe (and hopefully) it's see you again!



  1. I feel so sad. Ive been following this blog since 2010 and i can't imagine following Miss World without your insight and fair opinion. I check this blog as often as GB and Missosology. I guess In life we change and move on. I wish you the best and hope our interest will cause us to cross paths again in the cyber world.

    If you should ever want someone to keep this blog alive pleas consider me.


  2. what is the matter that u wanna stop blogging? i read this blog everyday.

  3. Andre, I am sorry for your loss. I constantly check this site every now and then, you are doing an amazing job, I feel very sad that I couldn't see any update anymore. However, I respect your decision. All the best for you.

  4. Hi Andre. I would definitely miss this site because of its ideal commentaries and insights to pageantry. You and your team made so much effort to build this credible site. Kudos to all of you! Please do make a come back.

  5. in the end, you arte the only one that knows whats good for you. i guess this is it now, i hope and believe that you are not completely leaving the pageant industry.

  6. Ah :-(((( very sad to hear this. You know who I am, a fellow South African. We used to have early morning chats and used to do the Miss SA Forum on voy. I will miss this blog my friend. I loved it. I hope that it will continue when you have dealt with your loss. I wish you all the best my brother. You are truly one of a kind, and I hope to also meet you one day. Lots of love, Y!

    ** PS- I remember the time I quit the Miss SA Forum on Voy, you encouraged me to carry on with it, but sometimes, only the person knows the ordeal they are going through, so I respect your decision.