Saturday, June 4, 2016

Miss USA 2016 Review: Maryland - New Hampshire

The 65th Miss USA will be crowned on June 5th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Olivia Jordan from Oklahoma will crown her successor at the conclusion of the event. This year, 52 young women have been battling it out for the crown. As always, the 50 states and the District of Columbia will appear on stage, but this year Miss 52 USA was selected by fans of the pageant. In a twist of fate, that contestant happens to be the girl who as Olivia Jordan's first runner-up in Oklahoma took over the title and lost out on her dream at competing on the Miss USA stage before this new element was added to the competition. This also means that Oklahoma will have two delegates in the running for the title. The 52 young women have been in Las Vegas for the last 10 days, but only one of them will move to New York City to spend the next year working for the Miss Universe Organization as Miss USA 2016. Here are our final thoughts about this year's group:


Maryland: Christina Denny **

She’s fierce, she’s sexy and she commanded the stage during the preliminaries. The problem is just that there are several others who did it too. It will all be down to luck and how her interview with the judges went.

Massachusetts: Whitney Sharpe **

Oh Massachusetts! Whitney did well during the preliminaries. She was polished in both rounds, even though I found her a bit on the thin side. As always, Massachusetts is well represented and Whitney can be proud her Miss USA journey.

Michigan: Susie Leica ***

Michigan is usually strong at Miss USA and this year is no exception. Susie is consistent and she performed well throughout the competition. I thought she was stronger in swimsuit than in gown. I am not quite seeing a crown contender, but I know she will do well.

Minnesota: Bridget Jacobs **

I had high hopes for Bridget before the start of the competition. Somehow, I was expecting a bit more from her. I still think it’s pretty, but I was expecting her to blow the competition out of the water. I thought she pretty strong in evening gown though.

Mississippi: Haley Sowers **

Haley is another positive surprise for me. The thing with this year’s competition is that there is a group of about 30 who consistently perform as expected. Haley is in this group of girls and any of them can place, so it could go either way for her.

Missouri: Sydnee Stottlemyre ***

Sydnee was my top favorite before the start of the pageant. She is so photogenic and of the most gorgeous girls this year. I was so disappointed during the preliminaries, not because I do not find her gorgeous anymore. I think my main issue was stage presence. I wanted much, much more from her. I still think she can make it to the top 15 though.

Montana: Sibahn Doxey *

Sibahn seems to have a lovely, bubbly personality. She did her state proud and I hope she enjoyed representing her state at the 65th Miss USA Pageant. It’s an achievement to remember.

Nebraska: Sarah Hollins **

Sarah seemed to have loads of fun on stage. It really showed and that is always good thing. I thought she gave two commendable performances.

Nevada: Emelina Adams *****

Shanna Moakler is doing wonders in Nevada. The hometown girl is strong again. Emelina has a great story to share and she seems like a lovely girl. I thought she looked stunning in evening gown. Expect Nevada to be up there.

New Hampshire: Jessica Strohm **

Oh New Hampshire! I never really knew much about this state until the last few months. Jessica was a lovely surprise. She reminds me of Brittany (Heather Morris) from Glee. She was very polished during the preliminaries. She was commanding on stage in both swimsuit and evening gown. She definitely gave it her all.

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