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Miss USA 2016 Review: Alabama to Florida

The 65th Miss USA will be crowned on June 5th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Olivia Jordan from Oklahoma will crown her successor at the conclusion of the event. This year, 52 young women have been battling it out for the crown. As always, the 50 states and the District of Columbia will appear on stage, but this year Miss 52 USA was selected by fans of the pageant. In a twist of fate, that contestant happens to be the girl who as Olivia Jordan's first runner-up in Oklahoma took over the title and lost out on her dream at competing on the Miss USA stage before this new element was added to the competition. This also means that Oklahoma will have two delegates in the running for the title. The 52 young women have been in Las Vegas for the last 10 days, but only one of them will move to New York City to spend the next year working for the Miss Universe Organization as Miss USA 2016. Here are our final thoughts about this year's group:


Alabama: Peyton Brown *** 

Peyton gave two solid performances during the preliminaries. She might not be one of the top favourites for the title, but don't count her out. She might cause an upset. 

Alaska: Ariane Audett ** 

Ariane has a beautiful and special story to share with the world. I thought she did quite well throughout the competition and she can be proud of the fact that she made it to the Miss USA stage. 

Arizona: Chelsea Myers ****

Chelsea was one of my top favourites before the competition, but I thought she fizzled a bit in Vegas. Well, that was until the preliminaries. She brought it and now I have her back in my top 10. Watch out for this one! 

Arkansas: Abby Floyd ** 

I think Abby has the most beautiful eyes in the competition. There are a group of gorgeous blondes this year. It will be interesting to see who makes it. There's something really interesting about her which could help her to advance ahead of some of the more favored girls. 

California: Nadia Mejia ** 

California sent someone fresh and different in the form of Nadia Mejia this year. She stands out, because she has a unique look. Is this the look that will go down well with IMG? We will find out on Sunday. I thought she didn't really bring it in the preliminaries, but I have also learnt never to count California out. 

Colorado: Caley-Rae Pavillard **** 

Caley-Rae is not only one of the sultriest girls in the competition, she is also one of the biggest favorites. If the judges are looking for someone sexy and sizzling, she might be the next Miss USA. I do want to add that I like her when she's more natural. I prefered her fitness look to the more overproduced stage dragon look. I won't deny, though, that she's a fierce contender. 

Connecticut: Tiffany Teixeira *** 

Tiffany is one of the most photogenic of the group. I responded well to her photos, but was left wanting more during the preliminaries, even though I can still see her fighting her way into the top 15. 

Delaware: Alexandra Vorontsova ** 

Last year, the Delaware curse was finally broken. Can Alexandra Vorontsova give Delaware two placements in a row? The field is quite strong this year. It will be an uphill battle, but I'm not ready to count her out. 

District of Columbia: Deshauna Barber **** 

Deshauna was one of the biggest surprises of the preliminary competition for me. She was effortlessly sexy and commanding on stage. She shot up my list and she could pull a huge surprise. There's something really special about her.

Florida: Brie Gabrielle *** 

Florida always competes strongly and this year is no exception. Even though I think Brie was outshone by a few other girls, the possibility is still there that she could make it to the top 15. She has a lot of pageant experience to help her propel to the top 15.

Photos: Miss USA 

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