Thursday, June 2, 2016

Miss USA 2016: Eye For Beauty Blog's Top 15 Preliminary Evening Gown Choices

The preliminary competition of Miss USA 2016 took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on June 1. The 52 delegates competed in swimsuits and evening gowns. A panel of preliminary judges will pick the top 15 delegates who they feel must advance in Sunday night's telecast. After watching the preliminary evening competition, our top 15 evening gown choices are:

15: Tennessee (9.160) 

14: District of Columbia (9.165)

13: Missouri (9.170)

12: Texas (9.180)

11: Colorado (9.185)

10: Nevada (9.190)

9: Georgia (9.195)

8: Virginia (9.198)

7: Arizona (9.220)

6: Miss 52 (9.225)

5: South Carolina (9.230)

4: Idaho (9.240)

3: Wisconsin (9.245)

2: South Dakota (9.250)

and our winner of the preliminary evening gown competition...

HAWAII (9.270)
Photos: Miss USA 


  1. Hawaii represented very well!

  2. You nailed this one on the money!! HAWAII is a HUGE FAV to win!!

  3. There's a few standouts but most of them walked awkwardly not to mention the similar gowns from last year. I think the cape wearing contestants are all channeling Miss Thailand 2015. It's like an Oprah cape giving; everybody gets a cape lol.

    Miss Hawaii was perfect. She walked like a goddess with the organza flowing behind her. Go Hawaii!

  4. Hawaii's black gown for her state pageant is from project runway designer Kini Zamora. Not sure if this white one is also from him? I actually prefer the state gown over this one.