Thursday, April 7, 2016

If I were a judge: Miss Nepal 2016

The Miss Nepal 2016 Pageant will take place on April 8. The winner of Miss Nepal 2016 will represent Nepal at Miss World 2016. Delegates for Miss Earth 2016 and Miss International 2016 will also be crowned. Who will be Nepal's Hidden Treasure(s)? If I were a judge:

Miss Nepal 2016 (Miss World Nepal): Roshani Kathri 

Miss Earth Nepal 2016: Namrata Shreshta 

Miss International Nepal 2016: Anita Karki 

Runner-up: Kusum Thapa Magar 

Runner-up: Karuna Khadka 

Sajum Katuwal 
Photos courtesy of Miss Nepal! 


  1. And no Prerana? WTF is this stupid list?

  2. Good thing that this blog have a prediction for Miss Nepal.I think they based on personal taste.Or maybe the one who made this prediction got bored and choose by playing eeny-meeny-miny-moe.And regardless of the result,its not a big deal.So don't be so serious.