Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Miss SA 2016: Spotlight on... SHARON-ROSE KHUMALO

Age: 25
Representing: Gauteng

Sharon-Rose is from Pretoria. She is a volunteer and co-director at Team Matric.

Fun Facts

* The former Miss SA's that inspire her the most are Peggy-Sue Khumalo (1996) and Rolene Strauss (2014).
* She has a younger brother.
* She would love to meet South Africa's Minister of Education.
* Sharon-Rose loves watching Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.
* Her favorite meal is steamed bread with chilli mince.

Eye For Beauty says: 

I did not really think much of Sharon-Rose's chances at first, BUT I WAS SO WRONG. She is gorgeous, fresh and vibrant. I absolutely love her now and I am even starting to think that she could take it all. I love her new hairstyle and it just adds to her beauty. Something about her reminds me of Peggy-Sue Khumalo... and it's not just the double name and her last name. Keep an eye on her! 

If I could give her any advice, it would be to go for it with everything that she has these last two weeks. If she can convince the judges that she has something special, she could very well be crowned the new Miss South Africa. I see it, I believe it... she should too. If she takes the crown, I think we will see her blossom and shine. 

Eye For Beauty Rating 

***** Excellent 
****   Very good 
***     Good 
**       Would be a surprise 
*         Would be a huge surprise 

Rating for Sharon-Rose's chance of... 

Winning Miss SA 2016 *****
1st princess                    *****
2nd princes                    *****  
Top 5                              *****
Photos: Miss SA / Sun International / Sharon-Rose Khumalo 

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