Friday, February 26, 2016

Miss SA 2016: Spotlight on... REABETSWE SECHOARO

Age: 22
Representing: Gauteng

Reabetswe is from Pretoria East. She is a B.Comm Accounting Science student and a part-time model.

Fun Facts

* Reabetswe won Supermodel International 2012 in Thailand.
* She is most inspired by Miss SA 2010, Bokang Montjane.
* Her nickname is Rambi.
* She would love to meet hotel magnate Sol Kerzner.
* She loves the TV show "Glee".
* Her favorite food is pasta.

Eye For Beauty says: 

I'm not going to deny it. I adore this girl. I think she has such a versatile look that she could do well at Miss Universe and Miss World. Four years ago when she won the Supermodel International competition, I told a friend that this is the type of girl I want to see win Miss SA. And here she is... one of the favorites... and if I had my way, she'd win. With her new hairstyle, she looks like a young Naomi Campbell. Miss SA should go for a different look every year and if you look at the last few winners you had the people's queen (Liesl), the Disney princess and that one in a million diamond (Rolene), the sweet girl next door (Marilyn), the bomb shell (Melinda), and the diva (Bokang). They were all unique, so wouldn't it be nice to see the supermodel type triumph.

My only concern with Rambi is that she has expressed concerns about the way she expresses herself when asked questions by the judges. My advice to her would be to absolutely forget about trying to say what she thinks they want to hear and answer from her heart. If they do not like what she has to say, then so be it. If the judges really understand what the public wants, they will know that we do not necessarily want a Miss SA that is so "perfect" that they can answer any question under the sun without hesitation. Sometimes we want to see a queen who will grow as she follows the journey of being Miss SA and I believe Rambi would really blossom as Miss SA and it would be a beautiful journey to follow. And even more important, we want to see a Miss SA that will make us proud internationally, and I believe Rambi would do VERY well at the international pageants. So, Rambi, if you are reading this, relax and enjoy the experience. You have everything it takes to be an amazing Miss SA and if the judges can't see that, please return in two years' time.

Eye For Beauty Rating 

***** Excellent 
****   Very good 
***     Good 
**       Would be a surprise 
*         Would be a huge surprise 

Rating for Rambi's chance of... 

Winning Miss SA 2016 *****
1st princess                    *****
2nd princes                    *****  
Top 5                              *****

Photos courtesy of Sun International, Miss SA, Rambi Sechoaro


  1. She just HAS to win. I'm impartial and I know my stuff, if you do not crown this woman South Africa, then you're just plain stupid.

  2. If South Africa is serious about making a comeback to the Top 5 at Miss Universe, this girl is the one you need to crown. It's been 12 years since SA has made the Top 5 at Miss Universe, (shockingly so, since they made Top five 3 times in 5 years before this drought), it will be a welcome back for the Rainbow Nation. GET IT RIGHT JUDGES. CROWN THIS WOMAN NOW!