Thursday, February 25, 2016

Miss SA 2016: Spotlight on... NTANDO KUNENE

Age: 23
Representing: Mpumalanga

Ntandoyenkos is from Mkhondo and she's a studying towards an Honours degree in Education.

Fun facts:

* Ntando listed Miss SA 1997, Kerishnie Naicker, and Miss SA 1994, Basetsana Khumalo, as the formers winners that inspire her the most.
* She has four sisters and a brother!
* Her favorite meal is lamb curry.
* She aspires to teaching young girls about the importance of education.

Eye For Beauty says: 

Ntando is a force to be reckoned with. She is much stronger than I initially thought she was. She seems sweet and sincere and I absolutely love her voice. I was not on the Ntando bandwagon at first, but now I have changed my tune. I think she's definitely shoo-in for the top 5 and she could very well even end up in the top 3.

My advice to her would be to keep doing what she's doing. She's well-prepared and has given this her all. If she does not win this year, it will not be because she has done something wrong. There are a few strong contenders in the group. She should just enjoy the experience and keep her fingers crossed.

Eye For Beauty Rating 

***** Excellent 
****   Very good 
***     Good 
**       Would be a surprise 
*         Would be a huge surprise 

Rating for Ntando's chance of... 

Winning Miss SA 2016 ***
1st princess                    ****
2nd princes                    *****  
Top 5                              *****

Photos courtesy of Sun International, Miss SA, Ntando Kunene


  1. I think she just might win it

  2. I like this girl. She is so much more pleasant in videos than photographs. She is my choice for Miss World South Africa but I still feel very strongly about Reabetswe for Miss Universe.