Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Miss SA 2016: Spotlight on... MIKAELA OOSTHUIZEN

Age: 20
Representing: Eastern Cape

Mikaela is from Port Elizabeth and she is working towards her BA in Media Communication and Culture degree.

Fun facts:

* She won the Miss South Africa Teen title at the age of 14 in 2010 and was the youngest ever winner of this now defunct pageant.
* She wants to be the first former Miss SA Teen to win Miss South Africa.
* She does not know how to ride a bicycle.
* The former Miss South Africa that inspires her the most is Miss SA 1996, Peggy-Sue Khumalo.
* Her role model is Miss South Africa 2014 and Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss.
* She has a sister.
* Mikaela loves to eat marshmallow tart.

Eye For Beauty says:

Mikaela seems like a lovely girl and at just 20 she is also experienced and accomplished. I think she has a lot to offer to South Africa and she should be very proud of all her achievements. I do feel that she might not be ready just yet. I feel that she needs a few more years of life experience.

My advice to Mikaela would be to enjoy this experience and use it as a learning curve. Most of the most successful Miss SA's of the past had to enter a few times before winning the title. She should take everything she can from this experience and return in 2 or 3 years to give it another go should she not win this year.

Eye For Beauty Rating 

***** Excellent 
****   Very good 
***     Good 
**       Would be a surprise 
*         Would be a huge surprise 

Rating for Mikaela's chance of... 

Winning Miss SA 2016 *
1st princess                    **
2nd princes                    **  
Top 5                              ***

Photos courtesy of Sun International, Miss SA, Mikaela Oosthuizen

1 comment:

  1. Very high probability of being 2nd princess, or Top 5 at the very least. I think the two blonde girls will both make Top 5. But the brunettes will be left clapping. My top 5 are Reabetswe Ntondo Michaela Tayla and Elizabeth with Felicia a close 6th.