Sunday, February 21, 2016

Miss SA 2016: Spotlight on... FELICIA MUWAYI

Age: 25
Representing: Mpumalanga

Felicia is a product manager, part-time Communications student and a professional netball player.

Fun Facts

* She is most inspired by Miss South Africa 1994, Basetsana Khumalo, who happens to be a judge this year.
* Another one of her role models is Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.
* She has four siblings.
* She wants to be a sports anchor.
* She describes herself as "very shy".
* Felicia loves eating fruit.

Eye For Beauty says: 

Felicia is a well-spoken and charming young woman. I like her vibrance and I think that sets her apart. This is a strong group of women and there are five or six ladies who are leading the pack, but I do think that Felicia would have grown enough through this experience to know what to do to impress the judges. 

My advice to her would be to use all the connections that she has made to get a foot in the door in the world of sports broadcasting. She definitely has the looks and the personality to be on television. I like the braids and I think it actually complements her, especially when she wears her hair up! 

Eye For Beauty Rating 

***** Excellent 
****  Very good 
***    Good 
**      Would be a surprise 
*        Would be a huge surprise 

Rating for Felicia Muwayi's chance of... 

Winning Miss SA 2016 *
First Princess                ** 
Second Princess            ** 
Top 5                             ***  

Photos courtesy of Sun International and Miss South Africa 

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