Saturday, February 20, 2016

Miss SA 2016: Spotlight on... ELIZABETH MOLAPO

Age: 23
Representing: Free State

Elizabeth holds a B.Com Economics degree from the University of the Free State and she models in her free time.

Fun facts:

* Loves reading, netball and hockey.
* Her passion is to promote and improve women empowerment.
* Miss South Africa 1996, Peggy-Sue Khumalo, and Miss South Africa 2000, Jo-Ann Strauss are the two former Miss SA's that she looks up to most.
* She has a younger brother.
* She originally hails from Lesotho.
* US hit Empire is one of her favorite television shows.

Eye For Beauty says: 

Elizabeth is definitely one of the front-runners this year. She has a very striking look that catches the eye immediately. She also seems sweet, relatable and well-spoken. I think she is locked in for a top 5 spot and she might even take it all on March 19th.

My advice to her would be to study her strong and weak angles, so that she can be aware of them and use her strong angles to her advantage at all time. Styling is key and she should pay extra to finding her most flattering hair and makeup styles. Inconsistency is definitely something that a potential Miss South Africa should try to avoid.
Eye For Beauty Rating 

***** Excellent 
****   Very good 
***     Good 
**       Would be a surprise
*         Would be a huge surprise 

Rating for Elizabeth Molapo's chance of: 

Winning Miss SA 2016: **** 

First Princess:                ****
Second Princess:           ***** 
Top 5:                             *****

Photos and videos courtesy of Miss South Africa / Sun International and Elizabeth Molapo 

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