Wednesday, January 27, 2016

RUMOR *** Lupita Jones Loses Miss World franchise *** RUMOR

Rumors and speculations are mounting that the Nuestra Belleza Mexico Organization has lost the Miss World franchise. According to the rumors on various pageant forums, twitter and facebook, Lupita Jones will no longer be sending delegates to Miss World. Mexico has never won the Miss World Pageant, but came close when they placed second in 2005 and 2009.

Eye For Beauty Blog would like reiterate that this is JUST a rumor and that neither the Nuestra Belleza Mexico Organization nor the Miss World Organization has confirmed or denied these rumors. 


  1. If this is true, Lupita played her cards wrong and could not live up to her promises to Julia. JULIA'S visit to Mexico may have been a kiss of death.

  2. That ugly thing! meaning Julia Morley she is the least indicated to run a "BEAUTY" contest, there is not a millimeter of "BEAUTY" in that so called "woman?"