Thursday, January 28, 2016

Miss World 2015: I Cheated a Bit - But Hey I Have the Crown

Miss World admits she cheated to win title by pretending she could play the piano


Mireia Lalaguna was shown playing the instrument in a video montage which was actually faked, she revealed

The first Spanish winner of the Miss World contest has confessed to cheating to win the title.
Mireia Lalaguna let slip during a TV interview that her introduction video, which sees her playing the piano, was actually a montage - and she was not really playing the music at all.
The beauty queen can be seen at the instrument while a voice-over describes how she has played the piano since she was a child, making the judges think it was her playing the score.
To her dismay, the delighted judges after watching the video asked former Miss Spain Mireia to play the same music live the next day for university students.
In a tight spot, she had no other option but to say yes, but luckily for her, the performance was cancelled, and she got away with it.

"It’s out little secret, I cheated a bit – but hey I already have the crown", she joked on the show.
The pharmacy student also described her life following the contest saying: "I am getting used to the attention, some people see me as some kind of Goddess, but look I’m human and here with you all tonight."
She will now go on a tour through the United States and Canada, before heading off to Kenya next month to take part in humanitarian work, which she is passionate about.
"It is not just about beauty; I want to raise the most amount of money possible to help these social projects."
Mireia was crowned Miss World 2015 on December 21 2015 in Sanya, China, the 54th young lady to win the title.

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  1. You should change this sentence: "Miss World admits she cheated to win title by pretending she could play the piano." She can play piano, she didn't lied about that. In her introduction video it seems like she is playing Canon in D by Pachelbel, but it is someone else. So when they asked her in China to perform that specific musical score, she didn't know.