Saturday, January 2, 2016

Miss Iraq 2015

20 year old Shaima Qassem faced a barrage of criticism and even death threats before emerging as the winner of Miss Iraq 2015. The pageant was held for the first time since 1972 and not even threats by ISIS, death threats against the contestants and opposition from parties against beauty pageants could prevent the pageant from being staged successfully. It possible that the winner of Miss Iraq 2015 might compete at Miss World 2016.
She's quite raw, but has a pretty face. 


  1. I hope Shaima gets a lot of grooming and preparation for Miss World. After what women from Iraq and other countries where women are degraded to the level of mediocrity, I hope she will be able to enlighten the world with who she is and what women in Iraq should look up to!!

    1. i truly agree with you, she can easily win the miss world pageant. all ahe has to to do is to improve on communication skills, cat walk skills and her styling should change. also i would to see her participating in beauty with a purpose, human rights should be her theme.
      i am from south africa by the way