Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Malaysia 2016

Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 will be crowned on January 30. Fourteen young women are competing for the title. The winner of Miss Universe Malaysia will represent her country at the 65th Miss Universe Pageant later this year. Who will be Miss Universe Malaysia 2016. If I were a judge:

Miss Universe Malaysia 2016: Swarna Naidu 

1st runner-up: Kiran Jassal 

2nd runner-up: Jennifer Ling 

3rd runner-up: Alicia Tan 

4th runner-up: Loveena Ruben 

Lina Soong 
Photos courtesy of Miss Universe Malaysia 


  1. Yen Nee is also a good choice sir. I am actually rooting for her.

  2. I love your top 3... They look Miss Universe ready just by their photos...