Sunday, January 10, 2016

Eye For Beauty Blog's Most Robbed Beauty of 2015: #8

2015 sure was an interesting year for pageants. Apart from all the shocks that went on behind the scenes, on pageant stages and in the media, it was also another year of victories and defeats for the girls dreaming to become beauty queens. In this feature, we usually look at the most shocking exclusions of the year - girls we feel were "robbed" of a placement as we say in the pageant world. Before we delve into our list, we also have to say that there was redemption for some girls.

Take Olivia Jordan as an example. She competed at Miss World 2013 where she only made it to the top 20, but two years later she returned... with a vengeance. Not only did she become Miss USA 2015, she also placed third at Miss Universe. Anea Garcia, Miss Rhode Island, came so close to winning the crown, placing third, but she went on to win Miss Grand International 2015 a few months later. The delegate from Hawaii (Emma Wo) failed to make it to the top 15 of Miss Teen USA 2008 while Louisiana (Candice Bennett) could survive the first cut when she competed at Miss America, but this time around they were luckier.

Both Netherlands (Margot Hanekamp) and Brazil (Catharina Choi) were not originally slated to compete but for very different reasons they were sent to Sanya to compete at Miss World and both placed. Brazil even became the official holder of the Miss World Brazil title.

It took 3 attempts for the current Miss Universe to win her national title and she almost gave up on her dream, but we are sure that she is thanking her lucky stars now that she didn't, as she won the big made her countrymen's dreams come true by giving them their third Miss Universe crown after a 42 year long wait. And that almost didn't happen for her either... you know the story. Miss Australia competed a few times before she made she won her title and look where she landed. The same goes for Miss France, who 12 months before experienced heartbreak when she lead the first leaderboard of Miss World, but then completely dropped out of the top 25. This time she was bag and it was redemption time with a top 5 placement at Miss Universe. Miss South Africa, Refilwe Mthimunye, also got a lucky break as she was only first runner-up in her national pageant, but as the winner had to compete at Miss World, she was sent to Miss Universe and ended up in the top 15.

It just goes to show, pageant girls. You just never know when your luck will change. So, never give up on your dreams.

And now here is our annual list of the MOST ROBBED BEAUTIES OF 2015:

8: Keysi Vargas, Miss World Puerto Rico 2015

I must admit that when Keysi beat my favorite at Miss World Puerto Rico, Isamar Campos, I could not understand why. A few months later, however, I saw new photos of her and I was blown away by her transformation. She had successfully toned it down and her look was more natural and I was loving it.

Last year was not the best year for Miss World in terms of the sheer quality of the group, but I thought Keysi was one of the most consistent girls in the group. She didn't make the biggest splash admittedly, but she was definitely always there, looking well-groomed and... well consistent. She made it in Top Model, her dress was selected as one of the ten best dresses at the pageant and she is said to have made it to the top 30 in talent. So I guess she had a weak interview and did not get that enough points in BWAP to help her through. It's a real shame, because she performed really well throughout the competition.
Photos courtesy of Miss World Organisation! 


  1. I think it is time that Julia Morley sold Miss world! But that isn't going to happen and any way I don't think there is anyone in the UK who would take it on, pageants just aren't as big in the UK as they used to be, one reason it is hardly ever held there these days.

  2. On Carmen Jaramillo, I agree with everyone that she has what it takes to be Miss Earth. But unbeknownst to all the candidates some judges were in the midst of all of them during the pre-pageant events and asking questions without informing anyone that they were judges. They asked the candidates if they are willing to stay a bit longer in Austria if they win and Carmen along with other potential winners said "NO". I heard it through the grapevine.