Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Unpleasant Experience Saved by Fantastic People - My Miss World 2015 Adventure (Part 5)

LIVE TO THE "WORLD": Angela Chow, Tim Vincent and Angela Chow prepare to host Miss World 2015
Spain Takes It All!
I was delighted when it was finally time for the real show to start. Tim Vincent, Angela and Megan took their places and it was cue music and off we go Miss World 2015. Now I must say that I can’t actually remember much, so I will just share some thoughts that obviously stuck with me. I’ll do a review of the telecast as soon as I can get hold of a decent copy.

  •     The opening ceremony was same old, same old. I think I have seen this kind of opening ceremony in China before, but it worked. It was colorful and cultural. 
  •       It did start off quite well for the hosts. Angela was a pro, but she was just a sideshow and did not get much stage time. Megan was gorgeous and I thought she was even better than in her first year, but I’m a huge Megan fan, so she can’t do no wrong in my eyes. I think she’s amazing and she looked like a star. Tim had a good start, but it went all wrong for him after he butchered the judges names. Firstly, he could not even pronounce their names even though they had attempted to help him on the teleprompter, i.e. Aag-ba-nee Dah-ree-go (Agbani Darego). At one point the teleprompter stopped and he could not even see it anymore and his cue cards were all mixed up. That’s when we got that long pause. He was visibly upset afterwards and never fully recovered after that.

  •       I was surprised that with all the Chinese money, they could not even get decent performers. Later on I read that Gloria Gaynor and the Black Eyed Peas were scheduled to perform, but they could not get visas in time. How’s that for disorganization? I did not really know what Wenxia Yu was singing, so I could not appreciate it, but she’s a lovely girl. Miss World Guyana: once – fine, she’s got a great voice; twice – why?! I guess she stepped in for those performers who could not make it. People were wondering if that’s why she was rewarded with such a high placement. I had honestly also not heard of that band that performed until that night.
  •       When the judges were announced, I was in disbelief when Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, the ND of Indonesia, sat on the panel. To me that is a bit of a slap in the face of the other national directors. I do not agree with this at all. For me it will forever leave a cloud over Miss Indonesia’s placement and it left me with the conclusion that Indonesia is probably hosting this year or next year.
  •       The introductions were so fast. I did not like it that the girls came out two by two. As always, it was too fast and I did not know who I should look at. I must the gowns looked great this year. It was definitely a year of shiny, shimmering sparkly gowns. It just made the stage look absolutely alive. 

  •      The top 20 had loads of surprises. It’s kind of nice, but my heart bled for some of the girls who were left out. When the fast track winners were announced, there were also a few surprises. I was kind of surprised that Spain won Top Model. Up until then I thought she was beautiful enough to place, but that she would not go further than the top 10.
  •       It did indeed seem that the wind was problematic as the girls struggled with their hair. After the top 20 was announced, there was a short break and immediately they were cut down to 10. It was done in a similar way to 2002. I thought it was exciting, but it seems odd that there’s only an ad break between the cuts. The top 10 was pretty solid. I was delighted that Lebanon was doing so well. Other favorites like France, Australia and Philippines were still going strong. I thought France looked stunning and Lebanon looked radiant. Philippines was just gorgeous. I was glad to see Jamaica do so well and Spain was the surprise of the night. South Africa was doing really well and I was happy for her. It seemed like those rumors would actually have truth in them as Russia seemed to be in the lead. Indonesia and Guyana were surprises.

  •       The reigning Miss World, Rolene Strauss, came out in a breathtaking gown looking like a real queen. My heart was bursting with pride. It had always been a dream of mine to see a South African win the crown and here I was watching a fellow South African taking her final walk. Not only did she look gorgeous, she also gave a heartfelt speech. I cheered and cheered and just thinking about it now, I still get the chills. What a lady, what a queen!
  •       Then the top 5 were announced and a short video was played for each one. Russia still seemed to be the one to beat. I was delighted that Lebanon made it. Spain was a surprise, but a lovely surprise. Indonesia and Jamaica were major surprises. I was iffy about Indonesia’s inclusion. She is a vibrant and lovely girl, but someone for her country’s organization was on the judging panel. For me, that’s just not right. Some of the most beautiful moments of the night took place at this point. It was absolutely fantastic for me to see the way in which Megan Young handled all of it. During the video feeds, she took time to calm the girl who was just called into the top 5 down by hugging them, giving them words of advice, holding their hands – just the type of encouragement that a girl needs at that point. It was absolutely sincere and beautiful to watch. Furthermore, after the last top 5 finalist was announced, she immediately headed to the remaining 5 and hugged each one of them and congratulated them on their achievements. This to me was everything. I doubt that she will ever get to read this, but this is what Miss World is all about. I have always adored her, but now I just have so much newfound respect for her. She is known as one of the most beautiful Miss Worlds ever, but it seems like she’s also a girl with a heart of gold. I can see why Julia Morley is so fond of her.
  •       Rolene took to stage for the final time and I was happy that she could move on with her life and I knew it was only the beginning for her, but I also felt sad. She had given me so many moments of joy during her year and I really wanted to meet her, but I knew that my chances had run out.
  •       Julia Morley and some other person came on stage for the announcement of the results. It was comical to see the technical error with Julia tapping on the microphone before being handed another one by Tim Vincent. This should definitely not have happened at an event like Miss World and I’m sure she had a word or two with her producers.
  •       My prediction was that it would be 2nd runner-up: Jamaica 1st runner-up Lebanon and Miss World 2015 would be Russia. I just felt that it would be like in Sanya 5 years earlier where everyone told me from the moment I arrived that the crown belonged to USA. Actually I wanted Lebanon to win at this point.
  •       When Julia announced that the 2nd runner-up was Indonesia, I was not jumping for joy and you can by now already tell why. I am happy for Indonesia because it’s their highest placement ever, but still. Then it was time for the first runner-up. When JM said RUSSIA, my friend and I looked at each other, both our mouths dropping open instantly. It was time for the big announcement. Now I was certain that it would be Lebanon. Or Jamaica for a shock win. But the words came: And Miss World 2015 is Spain. I was like: “Whaatttttttt????????!!!!!!!” I never saw that coming. Honestly, never. 
Looking back now, I do think Mireia is beautiful and a deserving winner. I thought she looked reserved all night long. Also composed – almost to the point where she appeared aloof. I quickly composed myself and remember it was Spain’s first win ever and that was cool. Then the next thought was. Julia really showed them. Russia did well, but did not win. Philippines (despite their troubled relationship with China) performed well and China did not make it to the top 10. Well, in all honestly, top 20 was a stretch. Top 50 would have been better. It was all over though and we had a new Miss World. 
      As we made our way out, we stopped at the stage after the fireworks display had stopped and lots of photos were taking. They were busy interviewing the new Miss World on stage. We stopped in front of the judges’ table where people were taking photos of Mrs. Morley and the former Miss Worlds. I was glad that I could finally see them. The moments when the presenters were in the audience or when they were talking to the judges were not shown on the big screen. You could only see what was going on on stage. Nothing was shown on the screen apart from the Miss World logos.

Photo courtesy of Global Beauties 

      I looked at Mrs. Morley and was amazed by how fantastic she looked. She does not even look half her age.  She looked so beautiful, young and energetic. We had a nanosecond of eye contact. I almost wanted to approach her and tell her that I had been a fan for so long and always wanted to meet her, but I could not stand the thought of being brushed off after the day’s events. There was a tinge of sadness as I realized that I would probably not attend another Miss World final and get the chance to meet her. She would never know how much I have looked up to her, how much she has inspired me to try and also do good in the world.  I have heard that she is super polite to fans, but I just could not muster up the courage to introduce myself and tell her that we have had sporadic contact over the years (if she really replies to e-mails herself ) and that I have been a firm supporter of and believer in her and her organisation. I saw her taking her formers by hand forming a train with her in the middle and leading them out. It’s beautiful to see her being so protective of her formers. Miss World is her baby after all and these winners (well, some of them anyway) become like her daughers or granddaughters.
      As I walked out, I turned out one more time to take a final glimpse of the Miss World stage. I realized that despite everything, I do still have a lot of good feelings in my heart for this pageant.            


  1. i disagree with one thing! Miss Guyana! She was in my top 10 list so it was no surprise! she won talent, she was killing social media and had one of the strongest bwp! the night before when miss malaysia brynn release the top five list i knew she was gonna be in the top 10 she deserved it

    1. I too thought that Guyana was in the Top 5 along with Philippines... It was a definite that Lebanon who I thought would win, Russia, and Spain who I though would finish 5th.. Was I shocked with the results...