Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Miss World 2015: Ten Photos That Made Us Stop and Look (Part 2)

Miss Kazakhstan has been doing consistently well at Miss World.
I was worried that she might be too "Universe", but she has impressed me
a lot. She has toned down her look and I think she might be on the way to
securing herself a spot in the quarter- or even semi-finals. 

Miss Lebanon is one of the hot favorites to win Miss World 2015 and I would
most certainly not be complaining if she takes the title. She exudes so much grace
and elegance. Wouldn't it be lovely to see Lebanon win their first Miss World title? 

I wasn't sure about Spain's chances after seeing her crowning shots,
but Miss Spain has been looking fresh and glamorous in every single shot.
Watch out for her. She's one of the best blondes in the competition. 

Representing the country of the reigning title holder is never an easy task,
but Miss South Africa has done herself proud. She's positively glowing
and has been receiving a lot of positive comments. 

Does Miss Poland have the face of the competition or what? She's just absolutely
gorgeous. She might very well be the next Miss World... I am just worried that she
might be a bit too subdued, but that's never a terrible disadvantage at Miss World. 

They say that the eyes are a window to the soul and Miss Guam's beauty
shines through her eyes in this photo. Guam has been sending quite a few
good-looking contestants, but they always seem to be overlooked. 

Va-va-voom! Miss Brazil looks like a star in this photos.
Brazil is way overdue for a win at Miss World and this might very
well be the year when it happens for them! 

Miss Iceland (left) looks like a doll in this photo. The beautiful skin and gorgeous eyes -
she's definitely gaining some momentum. I would not be surprised to see her do well. 

Hello, Miss Guadeloupe! (white shirt) She has been inconsistent, but this is
most definitely the look she should go for! She looks absolutely smashing in this photo. 

Miss World United States is there to do well and she proves in this
picture that she has worked hard to prepare for this competition and
that she wants to be the next Miss World! 
Photos courtesy of Miss World and photo owners! 

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