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Miss World 2015 Review: Thailand - Zimbabwe

The 65th edition of Miss World is taking place in Sanya, China for the 6th time. 114 young women from all around the world will battle it out for the title currently held by South Africa's Rolene Strauss. It's a slight dip in numbers for Miss World as several candidates (most notably so Miss Canada) could not get a visa for China. The group is also not as strong this year leaving the race wide open. One thing is certain: Strauss and her predecessor, Megan Young, have set the bar so high that it has set a difficult task for whoever follows in their footsteps. Let's just hope the winner is deserving. This year it was really hard to write the reviews as I will travel to Sanya, so I want to stay tactful, because the last thing I'd want to do is hurt the girls' or their families' feelings. (Girls, do not take this personally.) The last four years I have been right almost every time (I got Ivian, Megan and Rolene. Had Wenxia until the last leaderboard when I put her in second place in favor of Wales who actually came second.). This year I have no idea what's really going to happen, so I am expecting my final leaderboard to have only 50% of the actual results.

****** Might be the next Miss World 
*****   Could be in the top 5 or win a continental title
****     Might make the top 10 of Miss World 2015 
***       Could reach the quarterfinals (top 20) of Miss World 2015 
**         Might not survive the first cut 
*           Likely to not survive the first cut 

Thailand: Thanyachanok Moonninta ****

Will the Thai fans overrule the judges and vote their girl into the top ranks of the competition. It is very likely. Thanyachanok comes with a huge fan base, as most other Thai delegates. I do actually find her look even more interesting and appealing compared to last year’s winner, so I will be happy if she places.

Trinidad and Tobago: Kimberly Singh **

Kimberly was dethroned in Trinidad and Tobago, but refused to give up on her dream. She took the organization to court to win back the right to represent her country at this competition. She made it – two weeks late, but she’s there and living her dream. She actually did well and improved a lot.

Tunisia: Maroua Heni **

I actually find Maroua extremely beautiful – the same kind of beauty that Gibraltar’s 2013 delegate (who was voted into the top 6 by the fans) has. She was only a top 10 finalist in her country and was chosen to represent Tunisia at Miss World after the original delegate was dethroned. I wish she had won and received proper training. With the right guidance, training and grooming, she could have been in the top 10.

Turkey: Ecem Cirpan **

Ecem certainly is a striking young lady, but once again, I’m missing that fire and special quality that will make her stand out from the crowd. She did well by placing in the top 24 of the Sports and Fitness Challege Event.

Uganda: Zahara Nakiyaga *

The African region has some pretty strong delegates this year, so it will be an uphill battle for Zahara to place in the top 20.

Ukraine: Kristina Stoloka ***

Kristina is so beautiful that she was named as one of the front-runners since the moment that she was crowd. She has faded a bit though since her arrival in China, mostly due to poor styling, but just based on beauty alone, there should at be a place for her in the top 20.

United States: Victoria Mendoza ****

Victoria is extremely well-prepared and she came determined to fight for her dream of becoming the next Miss World. She is charming, articulate and has a great project. Even though she has not placed in Top Model, she is still expected to do well in this competition.

Uruguay: Sherieka de Armas ***

I am actually devastated that Uruguay’s Sherieka has not been getting as much attention as I thought she would have. I find her extremely beautiful and charming and was hoping for Uruguay to achieve a spot in the top 5 fifteen years after they last made it there. Why have they not noticed her? She must at least make the top 15.

US Virgin Islands: Jahne Massac *

The US Virgin Islands usually sends stronger delegates than the British Virgin Islands, but this year is actually one of the years when I feel that BVI is a bit stronger.

Venezuela: Anyela Galante ****

How did they do it I don’t know, but the Miss Venezuela Organization has managed to make her look completely youthful and fresh. When she was crowned, she did not get the best reaction from international fans, but it was like a different girl arrived in China. I am most impressed and I think Venezuela is back in the game.

Vietnam: Tran Ngoc Lan Khue ******

Miss Vietnam is fashionable, fresh, cool, hip and charming. She seems to be super well-prepared and most fans agree that she’s the strongest Asian this year. Some even mentioned that she could be the next Miss World. Sadly, as the pageant is happening in China, expect Miss China to take her place in the final five.

Wales: Emma Jenkins ***

I didn’t exactly give Emma much of a chance when she won her national pageant, but a few months after her victory, I saw some new photos and I was most impressed. I think she is the strongest delegate from Wales since 2012 and I actually believe it will be between her and England for the UK title.

Zambia: Michelo Malambo *

Michelo was one of the 7 delegates to be chosen to get to do a solo dance during the Dances of the World segment. Zambia will be showcased and they have every reason to be proud.

Zimbabwe: Annie-Grace Mutamba **

The original winner of Miss Zimbabwe was dethroned for apparently having nude photos of her floating around and Annie-Grace inherited the title. I thought the original winner was a shoe-in for the Queen of Africa, but Annie-Grace is just a competent delegate

Photos courtesy of Miss World Organisation!  

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